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Director of Phoenic Wills, Asa Wilking tells us a little about herself

I arrived in Hong Kong in 2003 from Denmark as a university student majoring in China Studies. I was supposed to be here for just two semesters, but decided to stay on. In what now seems like a matter of minutes, I got married, had two children and became a stay-at-home mum. This kept me busy for a couple of years, but I soon decided I needed some other challenges in my life.

I started working part-time for Phoenix Wills in South Lantau in 2012, when my youngest son was two. (The company was founded in 2009, from the ashes of SAR International which was Hong Kong?s first dedicated will-writing company.) In June 2013, when I got the opportunity to take over Phoenix Wills, I took it and I haven?t looked back since. Apart from multi-jurisdictional wills covering most countries, we draft deeds of appointment of permanent and temporary guardianship, enduring powers of attorney and living wills. We also work in close partnership with professional tax, insurance, and financial planners to provide a full and comprehensive estate-planning solution for our clients.

People often ask me if I get depressed after an entire day of discussing death, but in fact it?s the total opposite. I know that I am helping my clients sort out an extremely important task, something most people find too overwhelming to contemplate. More than 60% of Hong Kong expats don?t have wills.

Most people are amazed by how easy the will-making process actually is. The relief I see on their faces, once the papers are signed and they know they?ve done all they can to protect their family, is very satisfying.

Being an expat mother myself helps me empathise with my clients? situation and concerns. We pride ourselves on offering a personalised service, and go out of our way to accommodate our clients. We?ll take instructions in clients? homes in the evening after the kids are in bed, and once or twice I?ve brought people?s wills to the airport for them to sign before heading off for the weekend.

The majority of our business comes from referrals by happy clients, so we must be doing something right!

For more information on Phoenix Wills, visit, or call 3100 0101.

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