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Faye Castillo: Dance for Joy-HK

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Imoved to Hong Kong from the Philippines in 2005 as a 19-year-old, following a dream of performing in the ‘happiest place on earth’. I was part of Hong Kong Disneyland’s Disney on Parade team when it first opened, and later I joined the Lion King show as a chorus dancer for three years.

I have lived in Tung Chung since I first came to Hong Kong, and I love living in Lantau. It’s been a warm and welcoming community in which to raise a family.

Ever since I was a kid, I dreamt of establishing a dance company of my own. So after more than 20 years of performing, I decided to take the leap and pursue my dream. I started Dance for Joy-HK in September 2012 with my husband Bill. We had both noticed an absence of dance-and-fitness classes in the community. Our aim is to share the joy of dance, help people enjoy a healthy lifestyle, and create camaraderie among Lantau residents.

As a dance-fitness company and training school, we aim to help students develop self-esteem, discipline, self-expression and a healthy body. We believe that dance has the ability to uplift the spirit and unite diverse groups of people. Our syllabus boosts the self-esteem of students of all levels, through the art of simple body movement.

It’s important to keep up with the latest dance trends, and do a lot of research. We are continuously finding and creating new dance pieces and shows that cater to the tastes of our audiences. We also endeavour to provide our young students with age-appropriate music.

The secret to our success is taking calculated risks, maintaining good relationships with clients, and most importantly, providing fun and quality classes. We believe that as long as you maintain a positive attitude towards other people and give them respect, you will earn their loyalty and appreciation in return.

For more information on Dance for Joy-HK, email [email protected], or visit www.danceforjoyhk.com.

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