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Founders of Island Cleaning Solutions Matthew Bentley and Jason Crisp are revolutionising the services industry through exceptional customer experience.

PHOTO BY Richard Gordon – www.richardgordonphotography.com.hk

Co-founded in August 2020 by Matthew Bentley and Jason Crisp, Island Cleaning Solutions (ICS) is a cleaning and wellness company tending homes, workplaces and businesses across Hong Kong. Services include cleaning of air-conditioning units, soft furnishings, upholstery and leather, as well as whole-home/ office deep cleaning and disinfecting. ICS specialises in providing safe, eco-aware cleaning solutions using plant-based products that do not contain harsh chemicals.

“My daughter was suffering from allergies and asthma a few years back, and I purchased a top-of-the-range Rainbow Vacuum,” opens Matthew, a DB resident. “With COVID taking a hit on my job as a corporate trainer, I thought of branching out and using it to provide professional cleaning services. Jason and I saw the opportunity to set up a business that goes far beyond cleaning surfaces and carpets.”

With its patented water-filtration system and power nozzle, the Rainbow Vacuum is certified to trap dirt, dust, bugs, hair and other allergens, including dust mites, that might otherwise be overlooked. “We saw a gap in the market for the use of this equipment,” Matthew says. “The Rainbow Vacuum is very expensive and bulky and it is not something you would use every day. You can have us come in six or seven times a year for three years and it would still cost you less than buying the unit.”

Placing customer satisfaction first and foremost, ICS prides itself on providing a tailored, professional and personable service. On making an appointment, clients are given an exact time of arrival and guaranteed punctuality. They receive a photo of the team prior to their visit and can even track their realtime location. “We want our clients to feel at ease because after all, we are entering into their personal space,” says Jason. “And we don’t just come and go. We build a relationship with our clients; we follow-up and gather feedback.

“My background and that of other people in the company is from the military, and we prioritise attention to detail,” Jason adds. “We keep a visual record of each and every visit, so customers can see that the work has been done properly.”

Interestingly, over half the call outs ICS gets are air-con related. “You’ll be surprised how dirty air-cons can get. They’re a perfect breeding ground for mould and bacteria, particularly after they’ve been sitting idle through the winter. My son once ended up hospitalised for three days with respiratory issues because of black mould,” says Jason, who hopes ICS can spare other families with young children from going through the same ordeal.

“Air-con cleaning is crucial for the reduction of energy costs,” Matthew adds. “We recommend you get your air-con cleaned every six to 12 months and we also provide a monthly filter disinfection service.” Never settling for less, ICS offers a choice of five air-freshening, air-con fragrances – lavender, lemongrass, cinnamon, tea tree (for homes without pets) and one that promises to make your home smell like a five-star hotel.

Prioritising both cleanliness and wellness, Matthew and Jason are on a mission to ensure that the environments in which we live and work are safe, clean and pleasing to the eye. Their strategy is clearly working since ICS’ existing portfolio includes Forbes-listed clients, high-end offices, luxury brands, conference facilities and over 100 homes in DB alone.

For more on Island Cleaning Solutions, visit www.island-cleaning.com.
To schedule a visit, call 6091 5176 or email [email protected].

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