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Whiskers N Paws: Pet shop with a mission

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By Whiskers N Paws

Even though it is known around the world for small apartments, Hong Kong is full of people who have made room in their hearts and their homes for pets big and small. A study commissioned by the Veterinary Surgeons Board of Hong Kong in 2017, along with reports by the Hong Kong Census and Statistics Department, showed that pet ownership in Hong Kong has undergone exponential growth over the last decade by rising over 72%.

Located in Ap Lei Chau, Whiskers N Paws is a pet shop with a mission, rooted in the belief that animals make us better people. They teach us mindfulness; Remind us to be compassionate; Show us the importance of having fun; They open our hearts and help us connect as humans to one another without barriers.

Given how important pets are to their owner’s happiness and well being, Whiskers N Paws takes their job seriously. “We study every product to make sure they are free from harmful ingredients, safe to play with and are wholesome to nibble. By partnering with like minded suppliers, we make sure products are made with love, handled with care and stored properly en route to you,” says Vada Chung, founder of Whiskers N Paws.

“In addition to animals, we care deeply about our community, too. What we do or how we do things matters to us. We work as a team to unite people to leave a positive paw print in places we go and people we encounter,” says Vada.

Whiskers N Paws is especially proud to be the first pet shop in Hong Kong to not only host regular adoption events, but to also build in-store adoption stations to connect homeless puppies and kittens with loving parents. Since 2008, Whiskers N Paws has facilitated over 1,800 puppy and over 900 cat adoptions. All of the pets at the Whiskers N Paws adoption events and stations come from local Hong Kong shelters (SPCA, HKDR, LAP).

Although Hong Kongers may have plenty of room in their hearts for their pets, it can sometimes be challenging to share a small apartment with a pet, particularly a dog in need of a bath. In addition to their grooming services, Whiskers N Paws also provides do-it-yourself dog wash facilities in a comfortable space for your dog to get clean and smell great, with the added benefit of no more furry bathrooms to tidy up at home.

Even better is that all proceeds from the self-dog wash are used to fund Whiskers N Paws’ community work. Whiskers N Paws charges a flat fee of HK$100 to use the self-dog wash facilities for any size, breed and age–all are welcome. The self-dog wash facilities include everything you need to make your furry friend happy:

• Fully self-contained units
• Non-slip floor
• Drying and grooming platform
• Ergonomic design to suit dogs
• Professional dryer

Because of Whiskers N Paws’ commitment to community, they host regular events – both informational and social – to bring animal lovers together. The most successful events are the Sunday Puppy Adoption Events and the annual Operation Santa Paws, which collects donations of unused and lightly used pet-supplies. Whiskers N Paws distributes the donations – such as food, beds, toys, and supplies – to animals shelters around Hong Kong.

Over the years they have donated more than two football fields in size of meals and supplies to shelters across Hong Kong. “We are thankful that customers, vets, restaurants, shops and suppliers have joined hands to work with us,” says Vada. “We are grateful to be given the chance to work with so many dedicated and amazing leaders and volunteers in animal and children non-profits. Our dream is to connect millions of people through the love of animals in Hong Kong and beyond!”

Whiskers N Paws
10/F Horizon Plaza 2 Lee Wing Street, Ap Lei Chau
South Horizons MTR (Exit C)
[email protected]
2552 6200, 9696 6200 (WhatsApp)

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