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Vipop, Where Fashion is Redefined

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Founded by collection curators Lenia Perez and Fabiana Gonzalez, Vipop is an eco-conscious, Hong Kong-based fashion brand that sources sustainable, handcrafted pieces from Latin America and beyond. At the heart of the slow fashion movement, Vipop advocates for buying well-crafted, high-quality garments that will last longer, and values fair treatment of people, animals and the planet along the way.

By purchasing Vipop sustainable clothing or eco-friendly jewellery, you not only get to look good, you become part of a fashion-forward community intent on doing good. Vipop is built around three key principles: sustainability, heritage and community values. The main driver is to make being stylish less of a burden on our planet and its people.
“We value sustainability, quality and craftsmanship and work with international artisans whose products and businesses reflect these values,” Lenia opens.
“Each brand that Vipop works with prioritises an eco-conscious approach, whether that means local production, zero waste processes, long-living pieces, carbon neutrality, vegan, organic, or recycled materials, or fair trade.”


Among Vipop’s partners is Baobab, a Colombian brand that takes plastic salvaged from the San Andrés Coral Reef and transforms it into designer swimwear. Going the extra-mile, Baobab plants a tree for every swimsuit sold – 500 to date. Created by Colombia native Isabella Espinoza, the Baobab line currently features four sought-after swimsuits: the Mambo Dress, the Kira One Piece, the Anela One Piece and the Mia Pareo Gold.

Vipop isn’t your usual company so don’t expect it to promote its sustainable practices through cosmetic Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) campaigns; Lenia and Fabiana don’t need that, because social responsibility is at the heart of their very existence.

Female-led, VIPOP aims to improve the lives of little-known Latin American artisans by bringing them to the attention of an international audience. “The majority of the brands we work with are women-owned ateliers that employ single mothers, local artisans and indigenous people,” says Lenia. “We were inspired by the local artisan communities of our home in Venezuela and we aim to spread this community and handcrafted values abroad.”


One such atelier is Wanahat. Founded by three Ecuadorian childhood friends, Wanahat produces a single, unique and beautiful handwoven product – the Toquilla Straw Hat, better known as the Panama Hat. “We work with Wanahat because it entwines tradition, community values and culture with sustainable fashion,” Fabiana says. “Importantly too, the palm used to make toquilla straw is naturally replenishing, and it grows exclusively in the Ecuadorian cloud forest.

“Pieces likes these, that are made by artisans using time-old techniques, are things that Vipopers can feel unique and inspired wearing,” Fabiana adds.

For Vipop, fashion is all about standing out from the crowd, and refusing to wear the same pieces of clothing as everyone else. Unorthodox to some extent, Vipop hopes to strengthen the personal identity of its fans rather than shaping it with preconceived, impersonal and superficial concepts. After all, luxury is defined by uniqueness, not price tag.


Testament to Vipop’s originality is its innovative Hong Kong concept store, Artezano by VIPOP. Located in Central’s trendy SoHo neighbourhood, the boutique immerses visitors in a minimalist yet relaxed and welcoming setting. Beyond just selling clothes, Artezano also has a coffee shop that displays a range of equally eco-friendly F&B items for purchase.

Invigorating the senses, the part fashion, part coffee/ grocery shop really does have something for everyone. Artezano by VIPOP has been designed in such a way that you feel like you are entering a (stylish) friend’s living room rather than a shop. As your partner checks out the new autumn collection, you can sit back and enjoy a cup of sustainably roasted coffee. You may also want to pick up some delicious truffle olive oil, for just HK$74.

Artezano by VIPOP, 52-54 Graham Street, Central, Hong Kong.

To learn more about VIPOP and order online, visit www.vipop.com.

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