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Fend off Mosquitoes with Eco – Friendly Solutions!

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Photos Courtesy of Everything Under the Sun

There is a better way to discourage mosquitoes than simply drenching yourself in a chemical- based mosquito repellent.

The experts at Everything Under the Sun recommend you use Green Strike mosquito control devices, which rely on innovative patented technologies to both deter and eliminate mosquitoes.

Designed in Canada, Green Strike offers eco-friendly, non-toxic solutions to keep your living space a bite-free zone.


The Preventer addresses mosquito populations at source, and is best placed in areas where mosquitoes rest and breed. Utilising patented Zero- Hatch Technology™, it disrupts the lifecycle of mosquitoes, preventing future generations of mosquitoes from hatching. The Preventer is environmentally friendly and free of chemicals and pesticides.

Placement: For outdoor use.
Coverage: Protects up to 2,000 square metres.


The Eliminator uses a unique combination of lures, including patented No-mating technology™, to attract mosquitoes to the trap. When the mosquitoes get close to the trap, they are vacuumed inside, where they die from dehydration.

Placement: For Outdoor use.
Coverage: Protects up to 1,000 square feet.


The defender is a neat plug-in device designed for home, offices and schools. It uses a unique two-lure system, including advanced UVA-LED technology calibrated to the optimal wavelength for mosquitoes to attract, capture and kill mosquitoes quietly and efficiently. A removable holding tray allows for quick and easy cleaning.

Placement: For indoor spaces.
Coverage: Protects rooms up to 300 square feet.

Everything Under the Sun
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