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Every Girl’s Best Friend – Diamonds are Forever

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Ahead of Valentine’s Day, David Golibroda, owner of Diamond Experts, invites us into the world of bespoke, custom-made jewellery where we are guaranteed not just the highest quality but a tempting price point too.


David Golibroda, Founder and Owner of Diamond Experts, has been helping Romeos and their Juliets choose quality diamonds to be made into bespoke jewellery for over 26 years – eight of those in Hong Kong.

Following in the footsteps of his father, a member of the Israeli Diamond Exchange since 1974, David has close contacts at major diamond trading centres worldwide, which means he gets his diamonds directly from source – including a regular supply of fine diamonds in fancy shapes and special fancy colours from Israel’s top diamond manufacture. His mission as a private jeweller? To provide Hong Kong clients with the best stones at a wholesale price, and have them made into stunning pieces of jewellery.

As passionate as he is about the lustre and beauty of fine diamonds – “I love diamonds; they are my life!” – David believes, first and foremost, that they should be accessible to everyone. “We do sell high-end jewellery and very unique and rare fancy-coloured diamonds, as well as big, flawless, investment-grade diamonds,” he says. “But we cater to almost any budget.”

All of Diamond Expert’s diamonds are 100% natural and come with a GIA certification which assures their quality and authenticity. The question is, how does David source these high quality stones at such agreeable prices?

“As a member of the Israeli Diamond Exchange, and also a company that is engaged in cutting diamonds and the subsequent wholesale of diamonds, Diamond Experts can guarantee the lowest prices in the market for finished diamonds,” David explains. “Our running costs are much lower than a retail shop and we do not pay for middlemen, so we can stay competitive and attractive on our prices.”

While providing value for money is a priority, David is equally passionate about informing his clients, sharing his 20+ years knowledge of the diamond industry and diamonds, gemstones and jewellery – and dispelling a few myths. “Many people, who spend huge amounts of money on fine diamonds, not only do not have enough knowledge and information but also have many misconceptions about diamonds and the diamond industry. Over the years, I have met many clients who have lost hundreds of thousands of dollars because they believe in those myths,” he says. “This is why, when working with clients, I help them understand all the different certifications and I explain the different cuts, shapes and colours, as well as the advantages, shortages and true value of each diamond. My mission is to guide clients to choose the best diamond for their budget and, most importantly, the diamond that will reflect the most value for their money.”


So if you’re shopping for an engagement ring in the lead up to Valentine’s Day, what would David recommend? Does it have to be a classic solitaire and is size all-important? “Nowadays everything is acceptable, there are no taboos but, for an engagement ring, I would have to say yes, most people want a solitaire, sometimes with a side stone design too,” he says. “When size is the issue, I recommend clients go for a halo set ing or even a double-halo setting, which makes the main diamond look much bigger than it actually is, and gives the ring a more luxurious, blingy look.

“A diamond also has to sparkle at its best. So, for a solitaire, many clients prefer 3EX diamonds; for their fancy-shaped diamonds, they prioritise excellent proportions.”

In recent years, with those not opting for a solitaire engagement ring, David has seen a rise in demand for oval-shaped and emerald-cut diamonds. “These elongated cuts compliment a women’s hand and give it a more slender, elegant look,” he says. Of course, many couples come to Diamond Experts with heirloom engagement rings that they would like to see reinvented, and this is another area in which David’s team of in-house designers specialise. “We help clients to re-set existing rings of all kinds, as well as upgrade them or redesign them,” he says.

“Our signature removable halo ring jacket is a best seller, it can be custom manufactured and adjusted to upgrade almost any ring design, making it more luxurious while also protecting the main diamond set in it.”

When it comes down to it, David is in the business of making dreams comes true by sharing not just his knowledge about diamonds but also his passion for them. “I love and adore diamonds,” he says. “When I see a beautiful diamond, I get excited each time, like an artist admiring a piece of art.”

And so to the burning question, should you choose an engagement ring for your future spouse, or should she/ he be consulted in the selection process? While David says he has seen both approaches work wonderfully and that it really is something for the individual couple to decide, he admits to sticking with tradition for his own engagement.

“I am old school, a very romantic soul, so when I proposed I did it as a surprise and did not consult with my wife. But I did ask her best girlfriend to snoop around and find out her preferred ring style and diamond shape. From there, I designed a very beautiful ring that she absolutely (lucky me) loved and, of course, she said, ‘Yes!’”

Diamond Experts is based in Queen’s Road Central. To find out more or book an appointment, call 9881 8770, email [email protected], or visit www.diamondexpertshk.com.

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