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Hire Car Bookings

Book a hire car to travel within Discovery Bay using the DB Transport app through Apple or Android.


11 thoughts on - Hire Car Bookings

  • JK Reply

    Very bad booking service! Worse app ever!

  • Parul Reply

    The app is absolutely useless
    Gives you no indication on timing

    Taxi drives past with no one and do not stop!
    No one to contact to complain about taxi not stopping after dropping off passengers

  • Travis

    This system does not work. Please spend the money or time to make it useful or open it up to outside contractors that have some idea how to run a transport service

  • Gelle Reply

    I want book the hi car

  • T Reply

    This app really sucks

  • Michael Li Reply

    This app real damn suck!

  • Ivan Reply

    The APP doesn’t work and the service is not good!

  • Tim wei Reply

    This kind of “service” really discourages people from wanting to live here!!

  • ADAMOLA Reply

    I can’t book a car because it keeps saying invalid location

  • DJ

    This app is useless. Absolutely terrible booking system. We need a competing company to force them to improve.

  • Rei Reply

    Worst Booking service EVER! Been waiting for almost a hour for a van. Fix your app!

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