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Healthy Living in DB

To promote health in our community by providing education which will allow families to be informed so that they can make the right choices for themselves.

Congratulations to Aqua Tai, a fellow student at Island School, for creating the Healthy Living in DB logo!
Founder Paula Burrough has a vision for a Healthy DB. She is taking action by helping to keep our community informed with the Healthy Living in DB Talk Series.
This DB health series has been developed by Healthy Living in DB to support health objectives in the local area, as well as provide an opportunity for health professionals to showcase how they are able to support the community with their unique health skill. They want families to be informed so that they can make better choices for a healthier life.
Events will be posted in the Healthy Living in DB Facebook Group (request to join, then add your friends). Be sure to RSVP as space is limited.
Watch the Facebook page for information on upcoming talks and events. Here are some of the professionals you can expect:
* Deborah Dewey - clinical hypnotherapist and detox specialist
* Dr. Benita Perch (ND) - Licensed Naturopathic Physician
* Michelle Ricaille - well-known around Asia for her unique and highly effective Yoga Detox Programmes
* Mia Moore - founder of Graciously Green and a Board Certified Heath Coach and Certified Raw Food Chef
* Alison Hodge - holistic health coach
* Anita Moojani - author Dying to Be Me
* Anita Cheung - i-detox
* Hadas Hecht - Child Counsellor (M.I.C) and Director, Child & Family Development Practice
* Charlotte Douglas – trained homeopath
* Paula McQuillan - qualified Nutritionist and food educator
* Helen Revans - professionally qualified Teacher, Health and Life Coach
* Dr Graeme Bradshaw - Homeopath and Naturopath
* Dr Barry Decker - Doctor of Chiropractic (speaking on Vaccinations)
Sponsors: OpenSpace DB, Sweet Secrets, Movement Improvement
Facebook: Healthy Living in DB


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