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Discovery Bay Transit Services include the ferry, internal and external buses.


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  • Nicholas Chambers Reply

    I was on bus 02R number DBAY 181 today which departed the temporary bus terminal (Plaza) at 13:30. The driver was driving very fast and aggressively which made the ride uncomfortable and unnecessarily risky. Could you please have a word with him and remind him that he is driving a large public bus, not a Ferrari. Thank you.

  • Anonymous

    This afternoon I took a bus service to Sunny Bay. I paid my fare in coins, and the driver refused my payment. He angrily confronted me in front of other passengers and I ended up paying with my octopus card. He couldn’t speak English so i switched to Cantonese, to no avail. Afterwards I approached him and calmly asked for a reason, and for my money back. He waved at the customer service hotline and dismissed me with a wave of his hand. Unacceptable behaviour.

  • Robert Campbell Reply

    I was waiting at the spot designated on the pavement at the La Costa bus stop for the bus to Tung Chung. Whilst I extended my arm towards the approaching 1.15pm bus, the driver rudely shouted something and drove past me.

  • CP Reply

    Sunny Bay bus service lapsed today (31/3) without explanations, there was no 11:30am bus from Sunny Bay to DB, saw many Sunny Bay buses drop off passengers but.only one pick up passengers at 11:45am.

  • Julie Reply

    The buses are not coordinated with ferries. I take the T4 and today it’s 6.55pm and no bus to link with 6.10pm ferry. Soon the 6.30 ferry will be arriving. This happens a lot. I would appreciate a reply.

  • Francis Hui Reply

    Why bus T9 can’t wait for the passenger of the ferry to board the bus ? We just come out of the new mall and we see the bus . , the driver should know that we all need to get on the bus .some passenger can take either T9 or T4 . If T9 wait for another 3 mins . He can take at least 10 to 20 passenger . Than T4 will have more capacity. Now T4 usually full at the Pier Bus terminal , pleas ask T9 to pick up the ferry passenger , it only have to wait for a few minus !

  • Peter Olsen Reply

    I iive at 7 Middle Lane. On the night of the 7th December I took the 11..30 pm T2 bus from the Plaza Terminal to Middle Village. Just back from an overseas trip and the airport I had 2 heavy suitcases with me. I asked the driver politely to take to me to the next Stop at No.9 Middle Lane. He switched the Engine off and adamantly refused too, saying he was at the last stop and would not help me. I have always receive courteous and helpful action on this type of thing before. But not with this rude nasty arrogant driver. I thought it was in order to ask a driver to go on to the stop at 9 Middle Lane. Not according to this rude man. Please advise me and take some action . He gives your organisation a very bad name. Please reply. Thank you.

    Peter Olsen

  • yvonne dow Reply

    One of the T9 Buses has been leaking petroleum/gasoline over at least the last month. My helper today (12 Feb) was overcome with the fumes and was vomiting repeatedly in North Plaza. We have reported to the bus driver on previous occasions who wither ignored or did not understand and was dismissive.

    Please give this matter the necessary attention. It is a dangerous situation for passengers(!)

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