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4max fitness in motion provides personal and professional guidance in the journey towards a more active and healthy lifestyle, specialising in core-strengthening, weight-loss, posture correction and movement enhancement for both men and women. Sessions are fun, intense, informative and most importantly, deliver results in smart and unconventional ways.

Sessions offered include private training sessions or small group training (up to six people). Sections are conducted outdoors and are mainly bodyweight-based. Martial arts techniques are also incorporated in training.
About the coach:
Maxim is a certified AASFP & NASM personal trainer, TRX instructor, with extensive martial arts background in Tai Chi, Capoeira, Kali and BJJ. He believes that correct movement development is the key to improve health, develop strength and make your body more resistant to injuries. He likes to incorporate techniques from various arts to get the body moving better while developing a better movement pattern.

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