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24-hour Customer Service Hotline

Discovery Bay’s 24-hour service hotline for residents' enquiries, including lost property.



14 thoughts on - 24-hour Customer Service Hotline

  • Julie Yarnall Reply

    The gondolas attached to buildings in Greeenvale occasionally come loose and their ropes start hitting windows and aircons. This is happening again in Greenwood at the moment. I have complained before. It seems they are not being used at all.


    I left my bag pack at the bus from DB to Tung Chung yesterday around 9PM. Brand is Ogio black color.. Can you check for me ? Otherwise where I can ask lost and found of DB bus

  • Pui Reply

    My son left his backpack on DB01R bus and we called this 24hrs hotline number. Within 15 minutes they called me back that they have found the bag and i got it back shortly after. Very efficient and reliable service. Thank you

  • Robert Reid Reply

    Hi. I’m using Samsung note 9, your application does not work for the Taxi section of the application. the selection of pickup and destination does not ”present itself. Please fix. This has persisted now for months. Software version is updated. Mobile 9.0 android.

  • LY Yung Reply

    On 3.6.19 (Monday), I waited for 20 minutes from 9:30pm to 9:50pm at the new bus stop near the pier for a T9 to Crestmont. The bus finally arrived at 9:50pm. The driver told me that it started from Chianti at 9:35pm. It took about 15 minutes to get to the new bus stop. What about the 9:25pm bus from Chianti? It should have arrived at the new bus stop at 9:40pm. But there was no T9 from 9:30pm to 9:50pm at the new bus stop near the pier. Why? The waiting time for T9 from Chianti is longest amongst the local bus routes. Why? Please re-schedule.

  • Daniel Reply

    Yesterday, on June 10, 2019 left a Samsonite cabin-trolley, dark blue, textile fabrics in the bus from DB to Tung Chung. Who has taken/seen it or knows more about it?

  • Edward Reply

    The T9 bus route has not been followed accordingly. In two inatances I had to wait for the T9 (Caperidge drove to DB north plaza) for more than 20 minutes

    Schedule says it was supposed to leave initial point at 21:25, 21:35 and 21:45

    I was on the new bus stop place bu 21:30 but the next bus only came at 21:49

    Please advise asap

  • Fred Wong Reply

    Location: TC Temporary Bus Terminus
    Date: 3 Nov, 2019
    Time: 14:05 departure, arrival at TC Temporary Bus Terminus at 14:12
    Description: Response required:
    1. unknown bus driver driving vehicle VU4770 skipped stop, TC Temporary Bus Terminus, without even attempt to load excessive waiting passengers, providing that the single decker bus was enough space to load more passengers while I witness there were passengers siting on ground in front of vehicle. Escalation required.
    2. Bus operator shows insufficient capacity dealing with mass crowd transportation. Even providing two single decker buses serving continually in 15 minutes inter-vert.

    Look forward for your reply

  • Rhian Reply

    The transportation APP is not working for android. Can you guys update that?

  • Rhian Reply

    The transportation with the Vans here in DB is not working well. We have to wait more than 20 minutes every time until we get a car. Can you guys check if the number of cars for the population actually living in DB is enough?

  • Mitchell O’Brien Reply

    There are NOT enough hire car available in discovery bay during peak periods we are trying to move furniture around Discovery Bay and have been stranded for hours because all the bookings are full. We end up carrying the furniture home.

  • Florence Reply

    I’m a helper of Minjoon Choi he left the school bag in Db01R just now.Pls let me know if somebody found it.

  • James Rose Reply

    Hello, last Saturday 16 January 2021 I lost my black iPhone X and black Prada sunglasses on the DB plaza. If anyone has any found them please get in touch.

  • Aguirre J. Reply

    I waited for almost an hour for bus from Central to DB.. Because i dint catch the 3am night bus i wait until 4am but the bus dint come. I try my luck to wait until 5am as what schedule say so.

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