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Together, let’s sport!

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Supporting Discovery Bay residents in their desire to enjoy a healthy, active lifestyle has long been a priority for Discovery Bay Services Management Ltd, or City Management (CM) as the company is known locally. Due to social distancing restrictions for COVID-19, many of the yearly sporting events in DB were cancelled or postponed in 2020. Nevertheless, whenever possible, CM welcomes all events that are beneficial to residents and local community groups.

“We are highly concerned with the sound body and mind of all residents in DB,” a CM spokesperson says. “During the pandemic it’s been difficult to keep the wheel of sport moving, but we have been able to do so, and to find alternative solutions to care for the community.”

DB Pirates chairman Simon Knight is of the same mind, and he has high hopes for 2021. “We believe that the availability of affordable sports is important for the wellbeing of not only the community as a whole, but for the mental, emotional and physical wellbeing of individuals,” he says. “For 2021, with the help of community sponsorship and support, we aim to continue providing community access to rugby, netball, hockey and dragon boating, despite the challenges that we face right now with COVID-19.

“We are always looking for ways to reduce costs for the club and its members so that we can maintain our fees at a level that encourages more players to participate,” Simon adds. “This is especially important as COVID-19 leaves lasting financial effects on the community.”

The DB Pirates, along with six other DB sports groups, uses the North Pitch for its training sessions. CM manages the booking process, and all paying pitch users are invited to submit their requests for time slots well in advance. Thanks to cooperation between the teams, the process is smooth and efficient, and most are allocated their preferred time slot.

While the North Pitch is not open to for-profit businesses, it is available for the community to use free of charge – on weekday evenings from 8.30pm to 10pm, Saturdays from 12pm to 1pm and 6.30pm to 10pm, and Sundays from 1pm to 2pm and 6.30pm to 10pm. (Residents should also note that the community has access to the Siena Club basketball court on weekdays from 6pm to 10pm and there are 11 sets of outdoor sport equipment around DB that are free for the community to use at any time.)

Admitting that demand for the North Pitch is high, Simon says: “We have had a great relationship with CM over the years and we appreciate the support that we receive, without which it would be difficult for the club to give kids and adults an opportunity to participate in sport locally. The past year has impacted everyone in the community in many different ways, and we thank CM and the community for their support. Let’s hope this year we can all enjoy the sports that we love to play!”

“CM has been doing a fantastic job in improving and supporting sport and leisure activities within our community, especially in difficult times of a global pandemic,” affirms Sabine Fischer, the vice chair of the paddling section of the Lantau Boat Club (LBC). “We were extremely lucky to launch the recent Pink Day event despite social distancing restrictions being in place.” The event on October 17 raised HK$46,848 for Hong Kong Breast Cancer Foundation and included fun relay sprints off Tai Pak Beach.

“CM has made a great effort in improving communication within the community, especially with regards to community events,” says Sabine. “For our Pink Day they offered us advertising space via banners and posters along the main road and notice boards at bus stops. This was very helpful to reach out to residents, especially in times of social distancing precautions.”

Moving into 2021, the LBC is hoping to organise several key events, in addition to participating in the DB Dragon Boat Festival, which was cancelled last year due to the virus. For the paddling community, these events include the ever popular Dolphin Quest, a charity paddle around Lantau to spot Chinese White Dolphins; and the Lantau Classic, an all day relay race in DB waters.

The LBC is also planning other community events for 2021, such as the Switch Contest, an outrigger introduction fun day open to all DB dragon boaters; and a second Pink Day.

“We feel that it’s important to offer these events, as they include not only the paddling community, but also the larger DB community,” says Sabine. “We are more than happy to work with CM on ideas for future projects and are grateful for all the support we can get for our events. With aligned forces, together with other local sports clubs, we can improve Discovery Bay’s leisure and sports culture and serve our fantastic community.” Together, let’s sport! Photo courtesy Ginny Malbon and DRF Photography

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