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The Sky’s The Limit

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Junior Account Manager Ray Abraham reveals how working at leading corporate service provider, Monx, has brought his interest in business to life

Meet Ray Abraham, a bright and ambitious Junior Account Manager at Monx, and a proud resident of Discovery Bay. As a Junior Account Manager, Ray balances his academic pursuits in Business Management with hands-on experience in the fastpaced world of accounting and corporate services. Let’s dive into his journey at Monx and see how it’s shaping his career aspirations.

Ray, can you tell us a bit about your day-to-day responsibilities at Monx and how you see your role evolving within the company?

As a Junior Account Manager at Monx, my primary focus is on building and maintaining strong relationships with our clients. This involves a lot of collaborative work with Senior Account Managers and playing a key role in ensuring our operations run smoothly. I see my role evolving as I gain more experience, potentially I will go on to lead more significant projects and take on greater responsibilities in client management.

What inspired you to continue your journey with Monx after your internship began, especially in such a competitive industry?

Monx has an incredibly vibrant work culture that constantly motivates me to give my best. The company not only values, but actively invests in the growth of young professionals like me. This environment of empowerment and the exposure to diverse facets of the accounting and corporate services industry are what inspired me to continue my journey here.

In your experience, what three words or phrases encapsulate the essence of Monx?

Client-centric. Global. Forward-looking.

Looking back, how has your time at Monx influenced your understanding of the business world and your career aspirations?

My time at Monx has been eye-opening. It has deepened my understanding of the intricacies of the business world. More importantly, it has helped shape my career aspirations by showing me the impact of effective account management and client relations. It’s a field where I can see myself growing and making a significant contribution.

Finally, if you were to share your experience at Monx with the residents of DB, what would you say?

Studying Business Management has fuelled my interest in business and working at Monx has brought that interest to life. To the residents of Discovery Bay, I’d say: imagine a journey where your passion is the main focus while the complexities of accounting and corporate services are expertly managed. Being part of Monx has given me the opportunity to assist in taking care of both DB residents and their businesses, ensuring a smoother path to their goals.

Do you run a business? Contact Monx today for expert accounting, tax and corporate services. Email us: [email protected].

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