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Solar Powering DB!

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Founded by two brothers Greg and Andrew MacDonald, SolarFuture’s (www.solarfuture.hk) goal is to assist the transition of Hong Kong to green energy and thereby ensure a cleaner, more eco-forward future. The team has installed and connected just under 100 homes to the Hong Kong Grid in 18 months, including two on DB’s Headland Drive.

“In 2019, the government announced the launch of the Hong Kong Feed In Tariff (FIT) Scheme for Renewable Energy. Under this initiative, homeowners and landlords are encouraged to install renewable energy solar PV systems on their rooftops to generate clean energy which they can then sell to the local electricity utility (CLP/ HK Electric) at very generous rates, far higher than what the homeowner or landlord pays per unit for the electricity they use,” Greg says. “This announcement was the impetus for us to found SolarFuture.”

Right now, SolarFuture’s clients are enjoying return on investment of over 25% per annum, meaning the payback of capital cost of investment is under four years, with a fixed contract with CLP/ HK Electric until December 31, 2033. “At SolarFuture, we believe in protecting our clients’ longterm returns, so we offer a maintenance contract, inclusive of monitoring, for a nominal yearly fee,” says Andrew. “We use only the highest quality products with a mixture of aluminium and stainless steel to ensure our systems can withstand Hong Kong’s harsh weather.”

Solar PV installation not only makes financial sense, it also looks great and can drastically reduce the heat load on a property, acting as a heat shield and protecting the rooftop. “Another fantastic benefit to solar PV installation is the opportunity to contribute to a cleaner, greener Hong Kong,” says Andrew. “The residential systems that SolarFuture installs can reduce greenhouse gas emissions by over 10,000kg per year! That’s a phenomenal contribution to cleaner air for our children to breathe.”

SolarFuture has also pioneered the opportunity for landlords who lease their houses to install a separate electrical metre, dedicated to the Solar PV system, and thereby increase the revenue from their rentals.

It’s easy to see why the MacDonalds make such a winning team. Greg is an electronic engineer with 18 years’ corporate experience in London. Andrew is a serial entrepreneur with a BSc Hons in Conservation and 15 years’ experience in running his own businesses. Added to which, their father, who founded and ran TEC Electrical, one of the largest independent electrical contracting companies in South Africa, has been a valuable source of information and advice for SolarFuture from the get-go.

“We grew up around building sites, watching them transform into functional and beautiful completed projects that added value to people’s daily lives,” Andrew finishes. “When we started SolarFuture in Hong Kong, we brought our dad here to provide his advice and extensive knowledge on every aspect of what we planned to do. We truly love what we do and look forward to completing many more projects in DB in the near future.”


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