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Restaurant of the Month! Bones & Blades

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REPORTING BY Rachel Sadler
PHOTOS BY Richard Gordon – www.richardgordonphotography.com

Following up on its success in Sai Ying Pun, Sai Kung and Yuen Long, Bones & Blades opened in DB Plaza in February this year. The combined butcher shop-restaurant concept has proved a real hit locally not least because it’s a place for foodies to ask questions and learn more about the quality produce on offer.
“The concept of buying meat from a butcher was slowly dying out but people enjoy the social side and the interaction with butchers, that’s why I knew Bones & Blades would be a success,” opens COO and Founder Andre L’Herminier.

At Bones & Blades the focus is on well sourced products imported chilled from small, family-owned farms across the globe. Andre has plenty of tips for conscious carnivores who want to bring home quality meat, starting with the associated price tags – “premium cut, premium price!” – but he does in fact provide plenty of delicious cuts to suit every wallet.

Most of Bones & Blades’ meats are ‘pure natural’ and not all of them have the organic label. “You are what you eat, and you are better off buying less meat of better quality; people are now being fooled by the word organic and should start looking for a purer and more natural approach,” Andre says. “Animals are meant to graze on grass, so we keep grass-fed as our main product but have a few other items to accommodate our customers’ demands.”

Bones & Blades is popular for its meats and cheeses but also for its homemade items like lasagnes, freshly baked pies, 24-hour simmered bone broths, country style patés and sensational sauces.
If you’re planning on entertaining at home, items can be prepped in the shop to make them look pretty and presentable. “We’re so used to seeing prepacked food in supermarkets, that we forget about nice things like beef roasts or a leg of lamb to enjoy amongst family and friends,” says Andre.


The meals in the restaurant are prepared using the high-quality meats and homemade items on offer in the butcher shop. Bones & Blades beef burgers are one of its bestsellers, prepared daily for maximum freshness, and there are four other burger choices on the menu: Buttermilk Chicken, BBQ Pulled Pork, Lamb Merguez and Veggie Mushroom. “Our burgers are really tasty,” Andre says. “I believe in keeping things simple – we don’t overload them with too much rubbish, so you can enjoy the full flavours of the meats.”
Andre goes on to highlight Bones & Blades’ signature beef tartar, heritage chicken liver paté and pork belly bites. There are over eight cuts of grass-fed steak, plus cuts of pork and lamb to satisfy your meatiest expectations.

On weekdays, Bones & Blades has a set lunch on offer, with a special that changes every two months, and from 6pm onwards there are some great promotions, like Friday’s Prosecco Countdown – the first glass of prosecco is 30 dollars, the next one is two dollars cheaper and so on from there, until it’s on the house.


Bones & Blades’ catering menu is extensive, and you can book five days in advance for parties and events with a minimum spend of HK$2,000. In the lead-up to Christmas, the seasonal menu looks to be a real cracker and again, there are plenty of catering options available if you’re planning on entertaining at home.

With the Cooked Turkey Package for six, you get free-range Kelly Bronze turkey imported from the UK, plus all the trimmings (gravy, mash and veggies). Alternatively, if you’re a dab hand in the kitchen, order the raw version from the butcher shop, which comes oven-ready with cooking instructions and a vegetable stuffing mix.

Another sure-fire Christmas crowd-pleaser? Hot Smoked Honey Ham glazed with maple syrup – ready to eat, you just need to reheat.

Bones & Blades in DB Plaza is open seven days a week for lunch and dinner.
Call the butcher shop on 2383 0683, call the restaurant on 2383 0792.
To place an order, WhatsApp 5200 3952. To find out more, visit www.bonesandblades.com.

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