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Okooko by European Bedding: Custom-made mattresses for the perfect fit

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Do you wake up with body aches? Then your mattress is not meeting your specific needs. It’s time to find a mattress that is comfortable and supports your body while you sleep, not one that contributes to your pain. Okooko by European Bedding can help you with that.

Best option for couples
As you know, each person’s sleep preferences are unique. The mattress that works for you, might not work for your partner and vice versa. After all, many couples differ in posture, weight, build and sleeping preferences. So why would you stick with a one-sizefits- all mattress?

Enter Okooko by European Bedding: This bedding specialist can customise its Heveya® natural organic latex mattresses to cater to both your and your partner’s comfort levels all in one bed. For example, you can get a king-size mattress that has a firm feel on one side and a softer feel on the other.

The first step is to visit Okooko’s showroom in Central together with your partner. Spend some time trying the Heveya® natural organic latex mattresses which come in different thickness and firmness levels. Each of these chiropractor-endorsed mattresses is designed with seven-comfort zones to provide excellent support for different parts of the body. Due to its natural elasticity, a latex mattress can conform to the curves of your body while providing the right amount of support for optimal rest and relaxation.

During every consultation, an Okooko sleep specialist focuses on understanding your sleep patterns, body type and preferences. You are then matched with the right mattress
and pillow for balanced support across the body. To finetune your comfort, you can also opt for either a standard or motorised adjustable bed base.

Customisation options
At Okooko by European Bedding the customisation options are numerous. Aside from customising both halves of the bed differently to suit distinct sleep preferences, Okooko’s bespoke service also includes customising the size and shape of mattresses. Need a giant mattress to accommodate the whole family or a soft cushion for a daybed? Don’t worry, Okooko has you covered.

The ability to customise your own mattress also comes in handy if you have purchased your bedframe from an overseas retailer. “Different countries have different dimensions for beds and mattresses,” explains Thijs Veyfeyken, General Manager at Okooko by European Bedding. “And that means the queen-sized mattress you bought from a local big-box store is likely going to be too short for a Western bedframe, which typically has larger dimensions.”

Customising mattresses for boat owners is another key feature of Okooko’s bespoke service. Natural latex foam is considered the best material for marine environments for many reasons. To begin with, latex offers excellent breathability and ventilation thanks to its open cell structure and the pin holes created during manufacturing.

Secondly, it is mould resistant and dust-mite proof, ensuring a hygienic sleeping surface even in highly humid environments. Last but not least, latex is durable – a Heveya® natural organic latex mattress has a much longer shelf life than other types of mattresses.

All in all, whatever your requirement, whether you are looking for a mattress for a trundle bed or a baby’s cot, a mattress for the whole family or even for your yacht, Okooko by European Bedding can meet your needs, supplying the comfortable night’s sleep you deserve.

FIND IT:  Okooko by European Bedding, 13F The Plaza LKF, 21 D’Aguilar St, Central, 6286 1132, www.europeanbedding.hk

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