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Man’s Best Friend! How to Treat Your Dog

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When we say “it’s a dog’s life,” we mean that life is difficult and unpleasant, but for pooches living in DB that’s far from the truth. Raphael Blet reports


DB also stands for Dogs and Babies. It’s a nickname that’s stuck through the years, likely because there’s a degree of truth to it, despite the absence of official figures. Walk around the community and it’s easy to believe the “dogs and babies ratio” exceeds that of most places in Hong Kong. Clearly, DB’s village-like atmosphere appeals to local and expat families alike – and what’s a family without a dog?

DB is in fact a dog lover’s delight, with its parks, beaches and trails ideal for long, daily walks. What’s more, many of us are lucky enough to live in large (at least by Hong Kong standards) apartments complete with outdoor areas, which provide plenty of space for our canine companions to enjoy.

This month, for all you dog lovers out there, we’ve put together a round-up of different pet-service providers, from groomers and sitters to vets.

Grooming & Shopping

These days there are three dedicated pet shops in DB: My Pet Shop in DB North Plaza, and Pets Gallery and The Dog’s Garden in DB Plaza.

While they all provide grooming services for dogs as well as essential supplies, each has its own unique selling point.

Where innovation meets personalisation At My Pet Shop in DB North Plaza, owner Jonathan Morgan has set out to create a complete lifestyle hub for pets. From food to accessories and grooming services, the store is therefore a go-to for dog owners who want to get everything sorted at once. With all the basics covered, My Pet Shop is also somewhere to pick out something special for a beloved pouch, whether that’s a colourful dog tag that can be engraved in-store within a couple of minutes, or a supply of up-to-the-minute Pogi’s poop bags that are plastic-free and 100% compostable.

For residents wanting to wash-and-go, My Pet Shop offers a self-service dog (and cat) washer/ dryer. Both long- and short-wash options are available and cabins are disinfected after each furry customer has taken a spin.

An innovative Spanish import, the machine is ideal for sandy dogs fresh from the beach, and many DB dogs apparently love it.

For busy dog owners, Jonathan also offers a full grooming service which includes pick-up and drop-off within DB, in air-conditioned vehicles.

My Pet Shop
Shop G09, DB North Plaza, 2987 8873
or visit them on Facebook here.

Satisfying the cravings of VIPs

The Dog’s Garden is a health-driven, eco-aware one-stop shop providing just about everything a healthy dog needs from food and supplements to toys, beds
and collars.

The DB Plaza branch is one of four in Hong Kong. Quality products are sourced from around the globe, including an up-to-the-minute selection of Max & Molly trackable Smart ID Collars.

The Dog’s Garden has its own line of raw, human-grade, freeze-dried dog treats, all of which go through a rigorous quality-control process and are approved by Wong Wong, the co-founder’s dog.

Boxes of veterinarian-endorsed Bonne et Filou macarons are also available for special occasions. The boutique caters to posh dogs with blankets and beds from premium brands such as Hugh & Hudson and Sydney & Co Classic. Many high-end toys are also available, such as handmade crochet basketballs.

The Dog’s Garden provides an extensive grooming service that includes organic spa treatments, as well as traditional hair and nail clipping and bathing. What’s more, a new pet groomer with over 10 years of grooming
experience in Singapore and New Zealand is joining the team, in August.

The Dog’s Garden
Shop G34, DB Plaza, 2987 2077

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A United Nations for treats

Part of the DB community since 1997, Pets Gallery has become a neighbourhood institution, and owner Raymond Li has witnessed the resort’s tremendous development over the last 25 years.

The DB Plaza store specialises in go-to pet food brands from across the globe, including Hill’s Science Diet, Royal Canin, Burns, Kakato, Canidae, Wellness, Mon Ge, Solid Gold, Virbac, Stella & Chewy’s, Zeland Nandi.

Pets Gallery also provides a number of tried-and-tested, add-on services including dog grooming with free pickup and drop-off, dog coaching and obedience training.

Cat owners should note that Pets Gallery has been providing a personalised cat-sitting service within DB for over 20 years. The process is based on trust – clients leave their keys with the store’s sitters, who then provide in-house feeding and cleaning. The experience is believed to be far less stressful for cats than a stay in an unfamiliar cattery, where their routine is disrupted.

Pets Gallery
G11B DB Plaza, 2987 0428

Veterinary Pet Space, Hong Kong’s “largest veterinary group,” now has a strong presence in DB with Island Veterinary Services in DB Plaza and Pet Space Club in DB North Plaza.

Both branches provide a wide range of veterinary services including dental care, vaccination, imaging, microchipping, health checks, senior pet care, surgeries and allergy tests.

PET SPACE is well-known for its holistic approach towards pet care, and dog acupuncture and tui-na massage (ideal for older dogs suffering from arthritis) are available at the Wanchai branch.

In the event of an emergency, DB dogs can be referred to PET SPACE’s state-of-the art hospital in Sai Wan.

Island Veterinary Services
Shop G10, DB Plaza, 2987 9003

Pet Space Club
Shop G38, DB Plaza, 2788 1599

Dog Sitting & Walking

The process of hiring someone to help you care for your dog – a sitter, a walker, anyone – can be troublesome and time consuming, which is where PetBacker comes in.

A multipurpose platform targeting tech-savvy dog owners, PetBacker provides a full range of services – think of it as Uber for dogs. From dog walking to boarding, the platform matches users with verified “backers,” whose rating and reviews are made public. Safety at the core, payment is directly processed through the app, and service providers – many of whom live in DB – are thoroughly vetted.

When your four-legged friend is in the care of a backer, you receive regular updates complete with photos through the app’s own internal messaging system. Know that only 30% of applicants make the cut to be a sitter on PetBacker.


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