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Style up your home: Horizon Plaza in Ap Lei Chau

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With the entire internet at your fingertips these days, it has never been easier to decorate your home. But despite the endless options online, there is often no substitute for shopping in person in the store to get a sense of how different elements – rugs, curtains, furniture, art and lighting – can come together in harmony to make your space a welcoming and comforting refuge.

If you are looking to break out of the Ikea rut, Horizon Plaza in Ap Lei Chau is worth the trip. Converted from a factory building and packed to the rafters with home furnishing stores, it covers more than 500,000 square-feet over 25 fl oors, meaning there’s a good chance you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for. And whether you’re furnishing your nest from scratch, or just looking to add a new design element or a bit of fl air, here are some decorating tips to keep in mind.

Live with it

When moving into a new apartment, resist the urge to decorate everything all at once. Not only can this be overwhelming, but you also don’t know enough about your new home to know what you will actually need. A better strategy is to start with some basic essentials (a place to eat, a place to sleep, a place to sit), and then live with the space for a while.

Over time, you’ll figure out what works best for the space, and for your lifestyle. For instance, if you’re the outdoorsy type and lucky enough to have a patio or balcony, you might find you want to use your outdoor area as a second living room. You’ll find many specialist stores at Horizon Plaza, including some of the big guns, like Everything Under The Sun. Garden Gallery is definitely worth a look; it specialises in all kinds of outdoor and landscape supplies ranging from al fresco furniture and gardening equipment to lighting, storage and grills.

At Harbour 1976, meanwhile, you’ll find both outdoor and indoor furniture collections, all of which are premium in design and durability, with a great sense of culture derived from Australia’s beautiful coastline. Organic Modernism is also big on nature-inspired pieces, many of which are made from American walnut and bronze.

Frame your space

When decorating, it’s a good idea to start by framing a room and looking to the fl oors and windows. Figuring out what you want and need underfoot and at your windows can set the tone for an entire space.

You’ll want to find the right balance of texture, colour and function, and a good solution can be to talk to the experts at Carpet  Buyer in Horizon Plaza. Asia’s largest rug warehouse, stocking 5,000 discounted handmade rugs, Carpet Buyer specialises in fine, Persian, old and antique rugs but also stocks a stylish contemporary range.

Phoenix Curtains, meanwhile, is your one-stop shop for curtains and blinds, as well as custom-made sofas and upholstery.

Establish zones

Another helpful strategy is to break up a room or open-plan living space into different functional zones, allowing it to serve many purposes. Once you work out how you’re going to use the space, you can add furniture, rugs and lighting to organise and delineate the different zones. Place a desk in a corner and you’ve created a from an indoor conservatory? Line the opposite wall with plant pots and hanging baskets.

Not only is Horizon Plaza a one-stop shop in itself, many of the stores within it provide furniture for every room. Choosing key pieces, like the dining table, sofa and lamps, from one store not only makes life easy, it helps you create a cohesive look by ensuring that different rooms, or zones within rooms complement one another. Nook Living offers modern Italian furniture and accessories, and provides a design service to custom-make key pieces, which can be incredibly useful in a hardworking living space.

Mix and match

There’s no better way to bring personality to a space than by combining interesting pieces from different times and places. It’s about mixing and matching trophy items that are both functional and design-forward. Which is not to say anything goes, but if you pay careful attention to what appeals to your design aesthetic you can find a way to combine different influences and styles.

Living in Hong Kong, it’s likely you’re a fan of the East meets West look, and here again many Horizon Plaza stores deliver. For timeless, quality Japanese and Malaysian furniture, make your way to Takumi.\

When you’re exploring all there is on offer at Horizon Plaza, be sure to stop by:

– Carpet Buyer, www.carpetbuyer.com
– Everything Under The Sun, www.everythingunderthesun.com.hk
– Garden Gallery, www.gardengallery.com.hk
– Harbour 1976, www.harbouroutdoor.com.au
– Nook Living, www.nookliving.com.hk
– Organic Modernism, www.organicmodernism.com
– Phoenix Curtains, 2866 6686
– Takumi, 2517 2000

To check out the 100+ Horizon Plaza stores, visit www.horizonplazahk.com

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