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How to ready your home for the holidays: Christmas decorating trends for 2018

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Kavita Mathur of Red Velvet advises Katrina Mercado on decorating trends for Christmas 2018.

If you’re into home fashion, it’s time to take your cue from Elvis Presley and prepare for a Blue Christmas. “The fashionable colours for Xmas 2018 are purple, blue and grey,” according to Kavita Mathur of Red Velvet. “Add hints of copper, brass and platinum to achieve a jazzy and glamorous feel.

“For a more traditional look, the colour red rules – from the tablecloth to the candles, to the glass decorations and even the ribbons,” Kavita continues. “Red spiced up with gold is a classic combination.”

When decorating, Kavita recommends taking your chosen colour scheme throughout the home – having a whole-home concept will maximise the impact. “Style up your home from the wreath on your entrance door to the Christmas tree in your living room and on into the dining room, matching your decorative centrepieces and table linens,” she says.

Of course, colour isn’t the only way to introduce a little Christmas magic, and Kavita points out that movie-based themes are a creative way to decorate your space. Parents with little ones around might look to a modern Disney flick, like Frozen, or a classic from their own childhood, like Fantasia.

For expat families who find themselves a long way from ‘home’ this Christmas, Kavita has another hot tip. “Select a theme based on the region you come from,” she says. “Enjoy a winter wonderland setting or a hot beach-and-surf theme!”

DIY decorating is also big this Christmas, and Kavita cites wine bottles and mason jars as the most handy, reusable items in the house. “Spray paint a few different sized jars or bottles in colours to match your Christmas colour scheme and cluster them together. You can use them as vases, or even as lanterns if you fill them with candles or fairy lights.”

Another item that Kavita suggests we put to good reuse is ribbon. “Use ribbons to make bows for your Christmas tree or for your flatware,” she says. “And this Christmas, use ribbons to tie gifts for your loved ones, as it adds a lot more affection and warmth.”

• Fresh greenery and flowers
• Scented candles and fairy lights
• Luxuriant drapes, throws and pillows
• High spirits, holiday music and a fully stocked bar

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