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HUSH HOME® co-founder Stephanie Huen, a certified health and wellness consultant, shares how sleep science takes her mattresses, beds and bedding to the next level

When I coach others, I draw on my background in health and wellness – and the first thing I emphasise is sleep. It is such an overlooked part of short-term and long-term health (especially in Hong Kong), and yet there’s truly nothing with more immediate impact on your day than a good night’s sleep.

When my husband Rick and I started a family, we realised that Hong Kong had few mattress choices that were high-quality yet affordable. That’s why Rick and I created Hush Home. We make high-quality mattresses, beds and bedding, and we sell them at honest prices so everyday families can sleep better and be healthier.

Family-friendly sleep products
First and foremost, when designing family-friendly products, we prioritise safety. We make sure all products are certified to international standards. Our workshops are also trusted by luxury hotel brands, meaning not only are the production standards top-notch but the materials and products are continually lab-tested.

Furthermore, we’re meticulous in how we choose fabrics and materials. For example, all products are hypoallergenic and the solid-wood furniture uses zero artificial pigmentation.

Each item we sell has what we call ‘thoughtful details.’ These are small design details that big brands don’t care about, but families do – because they make products more user-friendly on a day-to-day basis.

How to choose a mattress
So the big question is: How do you choose mattresses for yourself and your kids? For an adult, it’s all about sleep quality. It’s best to get a mattress that offers a balance of comfort and support. I often teach customers to do a body scan when they try mattresses to check whether each part of the body (especially, shoulders, lower back and hips) is getting the right balance. You’ll also want something that has motion isolation, so you don’t wake up when your partner tosses and turns.

Photo courtesy Hush Home

Our Hush Mattress, using a hybrid technology of pocket coils and premium foams, is very popular right now because it was designed to incorporate all factors that affect sleep quality.

For children, you want to consider what’s best for their growth. Very young kids will need a firmer mattress for better bone growth but, as they get older, they’ll need and likely prefer something that balances out the firmness with plushness. With 2 firmnesses-in-1, our Loft Mattress was designed specifically to address that need.

Extending a mattress’ lifespan
There are three key ways to make your mattress last longer. Firstly, prioritise hygiene. I highly recommend everyone use waterproof protectors to keep the mattress germ-free and stain-free. (This is especially important for kids). Secondly, make sure you’re using the appropriate bedframe that supports your mattress type.

For instance, pocket coils require a flat platform or solid slats. Thirdly, rotate your mattress periodically so that it can continue to evenly distribute your body pressure.

How to test a mattress
You can view and purchase all our sleep products on our website. We created a robust digital library on choosing the right sleep products so that everyone can be an informed buyer. You can also check out our showroom in Sheung Wan, where we encourage customers to make a 30-minute private appointment for a one-on-one consultation.

Our showroom is deliberately designed to feel like home – each bed has its own private space, with relaxing music and aromas, and no bright lights. You can even take a nap! We also offer a 100-night trial for our products so that you can really experience Hush Home in the comfort of your own home.


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