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Feng Shui: Kitchens

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Creating good feng shui in your kitchen is a piece of cake – just be sure to pay special attention to your stove. Samantha Wong reports

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Kitchen feng shui governs how well you are able to nourish yourself, and your family and friends so it’s worth getting it right. The stove in particular represents your wealth – literally how much money you have to put food on your table.

It follows then that the more burners you have on your stove, the better. If you have a lot of burners, you will have many opportunities and many sources of wealth. So choose a stove with multiple burners, either gas or electric.

If you are pushed for space and only have room for a small two-burner stove, you can double the number of burners on your stove energetically, with a reflection. Simply, place a mirror or mirrored object where it can reflect your stove burners.

It’s also important to rotate which burners you use. Using a different burner every day will open you up to more opportunities in your career and new sources of wealth. And be sure to use your stove daily. Even boiling water on your stove will help boost your wealth and career.
“Having fire in the heart of the home is bad for your health”


One of the most important things to consider when it comes to your stove is whether you are in the command position while you are cooking. When you’re in command, you are able to see the door, without being directly in line with it. This allows you to be in control of your life and career, and to see any opportunities that are coming your way. If you’re stove is ‘badly’ positioned and you can’t move it, install a mirror that allows you to see the kitchen door behind you while you’re cooking.

The location of the kitchen in your floor plan is as important as the positioning of the stove. Kitchens are governed by fire energy, so they should not be located in the centre of the home – having fire in the heart of the home is bad for your health.

Ideally, you want to have the public areas of the home near the front with the private rooms near the back. The best location for the kitchen is near the front door, since this is where the family spends time together and welcomes guests. That said your kitchen should not face the front door. If it does, you will find that your money rushes out of the front door – you’ll spend it as quickly as you make it. To prevent this, place a small bell near the front door, or a plant between your kitchen and the front door.

Know too that feng shui does not approve open-plan kitchens that form part of the living or dining area. In an open kitchen, the stove is exposed which reduces its power to bring you wealth. At the same time, feng shui approves self-contained kitchens on a purely practical level, since they keep cooking odours and unclean air from spreading through the home.

Similarly, the kitchen should not face or connect with a bathroom. These rooms are best kept far apart and not just for hygienic reasons. Look at this from a five-element perspective – the kitchen is governed by fire, the bathroom by water, and fire and water don’t mix.


Cleanliness is an essential for good feng shui, and never more so than in the kitchen where you prepare and cook food. In addition to keeping the kitchen spotlessly clean, it’s also a good idea to ‘cleanse’ it energetically from time to time with quality salt crystals and clean water. Make time to wipe down all your surfaces, while visualising that the salt is absorbing any si chi (negative energy). Then light a little incense (frankincense or sandalwood) to replenish the room with sheng chi (positive energy).

Needless to say, you need to keep your stove clean; it deserves your attention because it represents your career, wealth and resources. Taking a moment each day to mindfully wipe down your stove will prevent si chi from accumulating.

And pay equal attention to your fridge. Make sure it’s clean and well organised, and throw out any food that’s past its sell by date. Even if you’re not eating the food that’s expired, it can still affect you energetically simply by sitting in your fridge.

A good way to fill your fridge with bright, powerful sheng chi is to place a clear quartz crystal inside it. First, cleanse your crystal by smudging it with sage. Then, programme it with the intention to maximise the nourishment that your food provides.

Purity and cleanliness are essential for good kitchen feng shui and for this reason white is a go-to colour for the decor. But you can also decorate your kitchen from a five-element perspective, choosing a colour scheme that promises to nourish you and bring you what you need. Choose earthy colours like brown and yellow for stability and grounding; wood colours like blue and green for growth, flexibility and vitality; fiery colours like red and orange for inspiration and passion; watery colours like black and navy for social connections and wisdom; or metal colours like white and grey for precision and joy

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