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Make it personal! Invest in yourself

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A personal trainer gives you structure and motivation, and the confidence to reach your goals through a custom-made exercise plan. Fitness and Health Coach Tyler Treece tells Rachel Sadler all about it
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PERSONAL TRAINING SESSIONS ELIMINATE TRIAL AND ERROR as your trainer can demonstrate how to perform the exercises correctly and safely. A personal trainer can make a real difference by instilling accountability; he can ensure you stick to the plan and achieve your goals efficiently.

THROUGH A PERSONALISED FITNESS PLAN, a personal trainer can focus specifically on you and even advise you about exercises to avoid if you have previous injuries. You should have a 60-minute trial session with a new trainer to find out if you have good chemistry –a reciprocal relationship with your trainer is essential to achieving your fitness goals.

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BY SETTING A SERIES OF PHYSICAL CHALLENGES, your personal trainer can work out how hard to push you. From there, he guides you to work on strength, flexibility, balance and coordination through a series of exercises, starting at a level that suits you; the exercises will get progressively more difficult as you progress.

GOALS SHOULD BE SMALL AND ATTAINABLE so as to keep morale and motivation levels high. It’s best to train three times per week with your personal trainer over a five-week programme – this is how long it takes to start seeing real results. Aim to exercise for 30 minutes per day in between personal training sessions.

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PERSONAL TRAINERS FIND THE EXERCISES BEST SUITED TO YOU. For instance, for trail runners concerned with speed, TRX is a perfect tool since it strengthens hamstrings and glutes. Pilates and yoga should be incorporated into all fitness regimes since they focus on posture, while engaging the core and strengthening muscles.

WORKOUTS ALWAYS BEGIN WITH DYNAMIC STRETCHING(leg swings and dynamic walks) to increase circulation and lengthen muscles. Upper body and cardio exercises come next, followed by circuit training (it’s important to get the heart rate going for several minutes). What happens from there depends on your fitness level.

DAILY AEROBIC EXERCISE, like running, biking and jumping rope, helps you lose fat and build stamina by maintaining a higher heart rate for a set period of time (10 to 30 minutes). Anaerobic exercises, like jumps and burpees, build muscle through explosive movement.

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YOU CAN TRAIN IN PAIRS, GROUPS, OR SOLO. Personal training with friends or family members can improve confidence and motivation – it can help you show up to class, which is half the battle. Group sessions like bootcamp are ideal for shedding weight, and TRX classes are great for toning and shaping muscles.

A NUTRITION PLAN AND FITNESS PLAN COMBINED will get you faster results, while increasing your energy levels. Focusing on specific goals like shape and toning, as opposed to losing weight, is a healthy approach to fitness and wellbeing.

Tyler Treece founder of Treece Fitness has been a Fitness and Health Coach for over 15 years. He offers personalised training sessions, bootcamp, sport performance camps and TRX classes six days a week for all ages and abilities in DB. To book a session, WhatsApp 9400 4237, email [email protected], or visit www.treecefitness.com.

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