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6 ways you’ll benefit if your child weekly boards: advice by Ray Robertson

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You want to give your child the advantages of a boarding school experience but you don’t like the idea of only seeing him in the school holidays. The solution? Weekly boarding. Here are six ways you’ll benefit.

  1. You’ll limit the angst. A week passes quickly, so you’ll find you won’t miss your child too much (and vice versa). With a busy timetable, staff on hand to help with homework and the freedom to enjoy time with their friends, your child won’t have time to feel homesick.
  2. You’ll still have a role. Weekly boarding ensures that you’ll still play a major part in your child’s upbringing. Your child will come home every weekend, so he’ll benefit from your input as well as from the guidance he gets at school.
  3.  You’ll be able to focus on work. Weekly boarding puts an end to the daily grind. You won’t have to combine your busy work schedule with getting your child to and from school and to extracurricular activities across town. You can make your professional life your priority during the week (and say goodbye to nightly battles over homework too).
  4. You’ll know your child is in good hands. Rather than worrying what he’s up to as you rush home from work, you’ll know your child is safe and secure on school premises. You’ll know that he is being cared for by dedicated teachers who are mentors, not by helpers or babysitters.
  5. You’ll spend quality time together. You can say goodbye to the guilt of not having enough time for your child during the week, and really enjoy your time together at the weekends. Weekly boarding takes the pressure off, just be sure to keep your weekends free for your child.
  6. You’ll be prepared for the next stage. It’s seldom easy to say goodbye to your child whenhe heads off to university or to pursue his own career, and having him weekly board gives you a taste of what’s to come. Weekly boarding prepares your child for university life, since it creates a halfway house between home life and the adult world.

Harrow International School Hong Kong is currently the only school in Hong Kong offering weekly boarding. To find out more, visit www.harrowschool.hk.


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