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Why you need to eat out this Christmas

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Sunny Sahni, owner of A Tavola Bar & Grill, explains how a good restaurant can help take the hassle out of the holidays.

“Have the holiday celebrations become more of a chore than an actual family get-together where everyone is having a great time?” Sunny Sahni of A Tavola Bar & Grill asks in horror. He ponders this Grinch-like theory for a while, before coming up with a straightforward solution… “You know families always have the option to celebrate in restaurants!

“A good restaurant will take care of everything to ensure a hassle-free celebration,” Sunny continues. “Instead of having to do the groceries and worry about meal preparation, diners can enjoy a number of perks should they choose to eat and celebrate out. There’s no need for arrangements or cleaning or worrying about who is doing what. All you need to do is make a booking, sit back, relax and have a good time.”

Over the Christmas and New Year break, families and friends get together to bond, relax and reconnect, and all too often hours spent in the kitchen preparing meals and washing up after them can seem like time wasted. “Eating out in a restaurant is a good alternative because it gives people the chance to spend uninterrupted quality time together,” Sunny says. “Adults get to catch up, while kids can enjoy special themed games and activities.

“If you’re apprehensive because you might not get to enjoy all of all your favourite dishes, don’t be,” Sunny adds. “Many restaurants serve a number of different traditional dishes so everyone gets a sense of home. This can be anything from turkey and all the trimmings to baked pasta or a feast of curries. And you can usually take your pick between various special menus, sets and promotions.”

Should you need more convincing, consider that restaurants typically go all out with fun seasonal decorations that get the festive vibe going and help ensure everyone has a great time.

“At the end of the day, we want to help fill families’ days with good food, good service and good company,” Sunny concludes. “A number of families can now be seen out and about on Christmas and New Year’s giving the community a livelier and happier mood to go with the season. We restaurateurs aim to provide people with an avenue to create beautiful memories.”


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