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Celebrating [email protected] on its fifth anniversary

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It’s been a big first five years for [email protected] DB, the dedicated caring and volunteering platform of Hong Kong Resort Company Ltd (HKR), which has spearheaded a host of initiatives aimed at serving the Discovery Bay community, since its inception in 2012.

This year marks [email protected] DB’s fifth anniversary. It is a time to celebrate the good work the platform has done within DB through the organisation and support of diversified programmes and initiatives, with a special focus on the family, the environment, the arts, sports and the elderly.

“In the past five years, the platform has been proactively supporting and co-organising diversified caring and worthwhile initiatives with NGOs, local groups, community leaders, volunteers and residents to foster the betterment of DB and to promote a loving and caring culture in this sustainable and multicultural community,” an HKR spokesperson says.

The many popular Love. [email protected] initiatives include eco tours and green workshops, dog behaviour training activities, the DB Heart Family Storytelling Programme and DB Family Farm.

Through its corporate social responsibility work, Love. [email protected] has partnered with NGOs such as the Neighbourhood Advice-Action Council (NAAC) and the Outlying Islands Women’s Association (OIWA), along with residents, green groups and social enterprises.

NAAC has worked particularly closely with [email protected] DB, witnessing its good work first hand. “Congratulations to [email protected] on its fifth anniversary,” Henry Yip, a NAAC spokesperson says. “Its excellent efforts have contributed quality services to the community to help build a supportive and inclusive living environment for residents. All these achievements would not have been possible without the dedicated and tireless effort of the members and staff of [email protected]

A number of DB residents have felt the positive impact of the combined work of [email protected] DB and OIWA, with Pauline Ho, who took part in a potted planting workshop for the elderly, full of praise.

“It felt wonderful to participate in the activities together with my peers and younger members of the DB community,” Pauline says. “The activities taught me how to appreciate the people around me and treasure the wonderful neighbourhood. In my view, Love. [email protected]’s most impressive activities are the recycling projects at DB Plaza and the potted planting workshops in DB North Plaza.”

A parent of a participant in the DB Heart Family Storytelling Programme greatly enjoyed the opportunity for family bonding that it offered. “I have enjoyed spending quality time with my daughter through this programme,” Stacy Wong says. “In the past two years, I have seen her growing in various ways and she has had the opportunity to learn English. I have been impressed by the meaningful theme and key message at each session.”

Another parent praised the storytelling programme for its role in strengthening the fabric of the DB community: “In this programme, not only can children enjoy the storytelling, but parents can also gather with other families,” Hiroko Nakao says. “Because of this, even when we are outside of the storytelling session, we are able to recognise other families who we have met during the story club. This helps build bonds between different families within Discovery Bay.”

Of course, the good work of Love. [email protected] wouldn’t be possible without its dedicated volunteers, but according to elderly volunteer Michael So, it’s definitely a two- way street.

“As a volunteer, I can gain new and special experiences in life,” Michael says. “Thanks to the volunteering opportunities offered by OIWA and [email protected], my horizons have been broadened. Helping others has made me happier and I feel that in the process of helping others, I have indeed helped myself.”

Likewise, Francis Chiu, chairman of the Steering Committee of [email protected], has enjoyed volunteering his time over the past five years. “I have been honoured to contribute and implement CSR ideas from the viewpoint of residents, together with the committee members and DB volunteers, who are all passionate about building a loving and caring DB,” he says.

October is as busy as ever for [email protected], with the DB Basketball Tournament Community Health Cup taking place on the 22nd, in addition to a number of other ongoing initiatives.

Anyone, who is looking to get involved in the [email protected] DB programmes, would like to volunteer, or has a partnership idea, can visit the Love. [email protected] Facebook page, which also features photos and information from past events and programmes.

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