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Entrepreneur of the month: Lulu Lai of Nailed It and Head to Toe

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I opened Nailed It, DB’s first full-service nail salon, in 2011. My goal was to provide a wide range of professional and creative nail services. Head to toe, my latest business, grew out of Nailed It – as a way to offer my clients a full pampering service right here in DB. At Head to Toe you can enjoy a range of professional massage services including deep tissue, Thai, lymphatic drainage and body acupressure, plus traditional foot massage.

My business is a success because it’s not just my business. It’s my passion. I started out as a nail artist over 30 years ago, and it was always my goal to start my own business. I never saw owning a business as merely a job – it was my goal.

The greatest challenge I face is staying one step ahead. I constantly strive to offer the latest techniques, products and innovations in the industry. If it’s on offer at Central salons, we need to offer it right here in DB.

To succeed in business, you must get up every morning like it’s your first day. Your attitude must be fresh, energetic and ambitious. When you work for yourself there are no days off, so you must really love what you do.

My advice for someone looking to start up a business is don’t do it for the money. Like I said, it must be your passion. So many successful businesses start off making no money, passion is what keeps them going.

My greatest achievements are my two children, Skye and Lochie. I am a single mum, and even though that sometimes means a bit of extra work, nothing compares with being a mother. Nailed It and Head to Toe are my other two babies. Both my kids and my businesses take a lot of love, care and attention, but both show me that anything is possible if you work from a place of love, not just ambition. They inspire me every day. My plan for the future is to continue to grow and evolve both businesses. There are many changes taking place in DB right now and I want my businesses to be part of it all. The more people we help feel beautiful and pampered the more inspired I get.

When hiring staff, I always look for three basic qualities – dedication, skill and heart. I am blessed to have very loyal staff, some of whom have been with me from day one. They have an unwavering dedication to their clients, top-of-the-line expertise and passion for what they do.

The entrepreneur I admire the most is Coco Chanel. This is a woman who started a company that literally ‘freed’ women. Not only did she single-handedly change the way women dress, she did it at a time when most women felt they could not work never mind run a business. Of course, I admire her for her creativity and her ambition but I most admire that she stood up for women and showed the world that a woman can do anything… even on her own!

My personal motto is ‘Let your passion burn brighter than your fears.’


• Head to Toe, Unit 8, LG/F, Block 2 DB North Plaza, 2988 1188, Head to Toe by Nailed It Facebook page
• Nailed It, Unit 426, Block D DB Plaza, 2987 2266, Nailed it DB Facebook page


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