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Restaurant of the Month! THE RINK ALL DAY LOUNGE

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PHOTOS BY Richard Gordon – www.richardgordonphotography.com

Opened in April 2022, The Rink All Day Lounge is the flagship and most recent addition from Il Bel Paese Group. Well located in DB Plaza extension with a capacity of up to 120 guests, the restaurant abuts the sea on one side and DB Ice Rink on the other. It specialises in international cuisine with a Mediterranean influence, offering diners a wellness-focused journey through Southern Europe, the Eastern Mediterranean and Northern Africa.

Aiming to provide an elevated dining experience for guests, The Rink boasts a classic contemporary decor, combining traditional and modern characteristics. Stand-out design features include a Swiss chalet-inspired ceiling, elegant chandeliers, rustic brick walls, a sleek ‘long’ bar and wine cellar/ wine wall. Upon entering the restaurant, diners are welcomed by an open kitchen, where they can watch the chefs at work before settling into the stylish main dining hall or spacious, pet-friendly outdoor area.

At the helm of the kitchen is Executive Chef Maged Makram, an Egyptian-born chef with 30 years of experience working for renowned hotel chains across the world including Sheraton, Le Méridien and Fairmont. “Travelling helped me gain different skills and diversify my cooking skills,” opens Maged, adding that the use of spices gives his dishes a distinct character.


The Rink’s menu focuses on natural and organic produce of the freshest quality, with seasonal ingredients used as much as possible. There are currently five bestsellers: the Hokkaido Scallops, Plain Hummus, Fresh Garden Vegetable Salad, Braised Angus Beef Short-Ribs and Signature Lamb Shank, each of which showcase the restaurant’s commitment to fine dining.

Pan-seared and juicy, the Hokkaido scallops come with a creamy parsnip mash with spinach. “Parsnip mash has an earthy flavour that goes well with the scallops,” says Maged, adding that the use of traceable seafood contributes to the restaurant’s sustainable practices.

The Rink’s homemade hummus comes in four different varieties – plain avocado, truffle and Beiruti – all served with homemade pita bread. “People love the hummus as it’s known to be very healthy, packed with essential vitamins and minerals,” Maged explains proudly. “And our cuisine is all about freshness, so instead of re-heating the pita bread, we freshly bake it as we receive an order.”

Wellness-minded diners also love The Rink’s garden vegetable salad (Naxos), which combines cherry tomatoes, cucumber, bell peppers, mint and parsley. “We want our food to be authentic,” Maged says, drawing attention to the salad’s refreshing and tangy pomegranate dressing.

Interestingly the restaurant’s two bestselling meat dishes – the beef short-ribs and lamb shank – are both slow cooked. “Our chefs adopt a range of healthy cooking methods, for example, slow cooking,” says Maged. “Cooking at low temperatures allows the food to retain its nutrients, and at the same time flavours are evenly distributed which enhances the dish further.”

The Rink also makes sure that vegetarian diners are not left out; there is an extensive selection of non-meat dishes. Then of course, there are the desserts, including Kunafeh, a delicious filo-dough pastry that is ubiquitous across the Middle East.


The Rink understands that restaurants and sustainability now go hand in hand. Green practices include the use of energy-efficient equipment, LED lights and eco-friendly cleaning products. Recycling of glass, plastic and cans is a given, and sustainable, biodegradable food packaging is used for takeouts.

Furthermore, The Rink has implemented a zero-waste policy that staff must adhere to, which includes minimising food wastage through effective sales forecasting and using an efficient inventory system.

In addition to its world-class food offerings, The Rink offers an extensive selection of wine, beer and cocktails. Wines are predominantly French and Italian, with plenty of sparkling options on offer. There’s also a good range of beer available on tap, including Heineken and Murphy’s Irish Stout.

Seeking a refreshing option? Try the homemade fruity Sangria, red or white. Or the classic Smoked Negroni, which is made in-house and barrelled for up to three months to bring out the flavour.

Needless to say, The Rink has positioned itself as a place to celebrate. On Mother’s Day and Father’s Day this year, the restaurant provided complimentary specially curated cocktails and desserts for families. And there’s more to come, with plans for monthly food and wine pairing events, and special themed menus for festivals and holidays.

“We are currently preparing our Halloween festivities. We will decorate the venue and welcome kids to trick-or-treat at our door,” Maged concludes with a smile.

The Rink All Day Lounge, in DB Plaza extension, is open seven days a week for lunch and dinner. To reserve a table, book the space for an event or order takeout, call 3709 6451.

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