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Raymond Li, owner of Pets Gallery in DB Plaza, talks shop.

Tell us something about your business.

When we opened in 1997, Pets Gallery was the only pet supply and grooming store in DB. Now that the number of pet providers has blossomed locally, we work hard to stay competitive and unique. We specialise in grooming and pet care, and we supply pet accessories and food. Pets Gallery strives to offer clients and their pets healthy choices and individualised solutions.

What’s the secret of your success?

Each grooming takes less than two hours, since we treat one pet at a time. Pets are then picked up or delivered home. Not only does the pet look good, the grooming will not have been stressful. We believe if animals are treated kindly and gently, they will grow accustomed to brushing, washing, drying, clipping and nail trimming, and eventually enjoy a less fearful and more relaxed grooming experience. Our groomers specialise in working with fearful, aggressive and rescued animals; we never cage pets after grooming, as we don’t want to risk injuring them.

Do you have a funny, on-the-job moment to share?

We offer a rare but essential grooming service for rabbits and other small animals. This includes bunny and piggy bottom shaves, full-body shaves and nail cutting. The bottom shaves always raise a laugh with clients but they help the animals avoid urine burns, deformity of the genital area and fly strike (blow fly maggot infestation).

How do you see your business looking in five years?

We hope to be right where we are, doing what we do. Working with animals is a very meaningful experience. In Hong Kong, pets provide a relaxing outlet for their owners and we have literally seen them change people’s lives. What’s more, groomers are often the first to notice that a pet has a skin condition, ear mites or other medical issues that need to be brought to the attention of a veterinarian, so we believe we provide an essential service.

Call Pets Gallery on 2987 0428, or drop in at G/F, 11B DB Plaza, Discovery Bay.

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