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DB entrepreneurs of the month: Arati Limbu and Anuradha Limbu Chettri

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Baby Basics is a one-stop shop for parents and parents-to-be. We co-founded the business this year because we wanted to fill the gap in the market. We bring the best international child-related products, covering everything from maternity products to baby essentials and toys for kids up to four years.

Our business is a success because our team has a passion for delivering practical solutions for our customers. We use our experience and knowledge about the industry to give the best possible service and provide support for parents on their journey. We are more than just a retail business, we are a family. Parents can talk about their problems and share solutions in a welcoming environment. We pride ourselves on giving value-added services.

The greatest challenge we face is to remain focused to meet our goals whenever we face challenges and obstacles. However, we always try to look at problems as jigsaw puzzles. There is always a solution, so we try different approaches until we find the right fit that will work for everyone.

To succeed in business, you need to have a vision, believe in it and do whatever it takes to fulfil that. If you love what you are doing and do everything with passion, you will be able to succeed in all aspects.

Our advice for someone looking to start up a business is to believe in your concept and keep on looking for solutions and different ways to improve it. Find and make a team where the support is mutual and everyone believes in what you are doing.

Our greatest achievement is to have put up Baby Basics together. It all started as an idea and we vowed to do whatever it took to see this project through. We did all the background work, pitched our idea to investors and recruited the staff.

Our plan for the future is to keep going and keep improving, and to find new ways to cater to our customers’ needs. We are continuously working towards achieving more customer engagement in order to establish a community.

When hiring staff, we always ensure that they share the same passion as we do. In this case, we’ve seen to it that all the members of our team are enthusiastic about helping customers. We’ve also made sure that everyone has previous experience in this line of work so they are very professional and well-informed about the products.

The entrepreneur we admire the most is Jack Ma because he is a self-made man. We applaud his determination. He always aimed high, he never gave up on his dreams and he continues to improve himself and his works.

Our personal motto is ‘Success is not final; failure is not fatal. It is the courage to continue that counts.’

• Unit 01-03, 7/F Lansing House, 41-47 Queen’s Road Central, 2898 8995, www.babybasicshk.com

Photo courtesy of Anuradha Limbu Chettri

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