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DB Entrepreneur of the month: Nilesh Jhaveri

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Discovery Bay Cricket Club (DBCC) is a community cricket club where young adults and seniors are given the opportunity to engage and further their interest in the game. They are able to learn, play and develop their skills in the sport. We are part of a social league and play locally with Hong Kong Cricket Club (HKCC), Kowloon Cricket Club (KCC) and Lamma Cricket Club (LCC). We also take part in tours around Asia. This April will be the fifth consecutive time we have participated in the Thailand International Cricket Sixes.

My business is a success because there is a large community of expats in DB, who have a lot of cricketing knowledge and have played at a high level. We have a group of experienced players who want to give back and share their expertise and love of the sport.

The thing that interests me most about my business is the fact that I can play and coach at the same time. I am an active playing captain of DBCC and I am also a lead coach for KCC’s junior development programme.

To succeed in business, you need to under promise and over deliver. When creating something or trying to improve, the secret is to focus your energy on building the new rather than fighting the old.

My advice for someone looking to start up a business is to love what you’re doing. If what you’re working on is important enough, have faith in yourself and your abilities no matter what the obstacles, and keep persevering. The winning strategy for any start-up is to dream big, but start small.

To start up my business I sought advice from people who ran existing clubs. After years of representing local junior clubs and playing for Hong Kong, I had built my reputation as a player. When I returned to Hong Kong after university, I started building DBCC and I was very lucky to have good mentors around me.

The greatest challenge I faced was from my competitors. When I started DBCC in 2005, it was the only cricket club in DB. After a decade, and not surprisingly, other local teams started to form, so it was imperative for me to adjust my offerings and better distinguish my club from the rest.

My greatest achievement professionally, is my Cricket Australia Representative (Level II) coaching accreditation, earned in 2017. I’m now working towards my High Performance (Level III) accreditation. On a personal front, my greatest achievement would have to be my two beautiful children.

My plan for the future is to continue coaching at DBCC and KCC – giving back to the community, while furthering my cricketing career. In the longer term, I hope to be more involved with Cricket Australia, since my family and I plan to relocate to Sydney.

The entrepreneurs I admire the most are Bill Gates, Jack Ma and Walt Disney because of their unique world views and their perseverance despite the naysayers.

My personal mottos are ‘Change is the only constant,’ ‘This too shall pass’ and ‘Happy days!’

Photo by Duey Tam

Discovery Bay Cricket Club, 9011 1319, [email protected]

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