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DB Entrepreneur of the Month: Hermann Chu

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Eye Level offers a supplementary  maths education to children aged three to 14. We offer a service that helps students in the community succeed in school and, by so doing, we hope to help shape their bright futures.

My business is a success because we have been able to cultivate a close relationship with both children and parents in addressing the academic needs of students. We have a proven track record in helping students to cross hurdles, build confidence and improve their grades, all in a progressive and comfortable manner. We also provide a friendly and happy learning environment. As a result, parents and students recommend Eye Level to their friends within the community.

To succeed in business, you need to have passion and believe in what you are doing. Stick to this belief and at the same time, fine tune and enhance the minutiae of your business to fit the changing needs of the market.

My advice for someone looking to start up a business is search your soul and find a business that fits your value system. Running a business is a job which asks for 24/7 attention and effort. One needs to have the energy and the will to keep going.

My greatest achievement is hearing students tell me, “Math is so easy now, I love math!” It’s wonderful to see students improving their grades and moving up maths groups in school. I am also extremely happy and moved that many parents put their trust in Eye Level for long periods of time – some of our students have been with us for over 10 years.

My plan for the future is to continue to serve the DB community as best we can and to find ways to enhance our offering to suit the needs of our students.

When hiring staff, I always consider whether we share the same values. When that happens… boom! It’s a go! There are always ups and downs in any business. You need to have staff with similar value systems to ride the waves together.

My personal motto is One step a day brings you closer to your dreams.

The last person I texted was my lovely wife. I was updating her about what I am writing (and what you are reading).

Eye Level H&I Education Centre, G/F, Unit One, Commercial Building Tower 2, DB North Plaza, 9366 0000, [email protected], www.myeyelevel.com

Photo by Andrew Spires

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