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Be Inspired by Tony Kwong

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The Bike Hub, DB North Plaza

Tell us about your passion for biking.
I’ve been into biking for around 20 years now, starting out on the trails in Toronto, where I grew up. I’m into mountain biking, which includes a lot of downhill paths. I go biking almost every day. I enjoy the fitness challenge and the company of other bikers. We encourage one another to do our best and improve our endurance.

What are your thoughts on the local biking scene?
Hong Kong has some fantastic trails and biking opportunities that will grow as people of all ages take up biking as a sport or fun family activity. I find the Chi Ma Wan Trail the most challenging in Lantau, and there are a lot of trails for beginners. The Trappist and Tiger’s Head trails are good ones in DB, and I’ve been enjoying them since I moved here in 2012. A large segment of the Trappist Trail has been remove due to the recent developments but it’s still great if you’re looking for a quick ride that won’t take up your whole day.

Does your whole family bike?
Yes! Biking is a good family activity because it’s quite easy to learn and everyone can go at their own pace. My six-year-old son is just starting to explore the Lookout Point Trail now.

Have you been involved in the lead-up to Team FEAR?
The Bike Hub’s played an active role, supplying bikes that are speed-specific and tailored for kids, and also teaching the competitors about safety and efficiency. We’ll be doing bike checks on November 25 to help ensure that everything goes smoothly.

Is the biking community in DB growing?
Yes, that’s one of the reasons I opened The Bike Hub in June. It’s a one-stop bike hub, where everything revolves around the bicycle. We offer equipment and repairs, and multi-level workshops and courses of eight or 12 weeks. You can bring in a bike for service, rent a bike, build your dream bike, buy or service kids’ bikes… More than that, it’s a meeting place for the biking community – a friendly, welcoming space that encourages biking culture and an active lifestyle.

So, The Bike Hub is much more than just a shop?
It’s a hub created by bikers for bikers. I want to offer various activities, including guided tours of the area. I’m talking to Tony Pringle at DB’s Bike Energy Lab; he’s part of the road biking community. Road and trail bikers usually stick to their own since the gear and trails are different, but I want to create a shared space where everyone can hang out and have a coffee or beer, and share their passion for biking. With this, we can expand the cycling community, not just in DB but across Hong Kong. I hope that DB can set the scene to promote Hong Kong as a great biking destination for both endurance and easy riders.


The Bike Hub, Unit 12, LG/F Office Block 2, DB North Plaza, 8191 0362,  [email protected], www.bikehub.club.

Photo by Andrew Spires

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