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20 Questions! Hobbit Quiz

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It’s Hobbit Day on September 22, Bilbo Baggins birthday. How well do you know the first of JRR Tolkien’s Middle Earth Cycle books?

1. Who is the title character of The Hobbit?
A. Bilbo Baggins
B. Frodo Baggins
C. Gandalf the Grey

2. What does Bilbo lose in his escape from Gollum?
A. The Ring
B. His shoes
C. His brass buttons

3. What animal does Beorn turn into?
A. A bear
B. A deer
C. A crocodile

4. What is the answer to this riddle posed by Gollum? “Alive without breath, As cold as death; Never thirsty, ever drinking, All in mail, never clinking…”
A. A knight
B. A fish
C. A worm

5. What name do the goblins give to Thorin Oakenshield’s sword?
A. Smiler
B. Screecher
C. Biter

6. What is the alternative title to The Hobbit?
A. The Adventures of Bilbo Baggins: A Hobbit
B. There and Back Again
C. Bilbo Baggins and the Philosopher’s Stone

7. What does Bilbo name his sword?
A. Sting
B. Gash
C. Slice

8. Who leads the company of dwarves?
A. Kili
B. Gloin
C. Thorin

9. Who guards the treasure under the mountain?
A. Gollum
B. Smaug
C. Sauron

10. What is Gollum’s name for The Ring?
A. Beloved
B. Precious
C. Darling

11. What happens to trolls when they are exposed to daylight?
A. They explode
B. They turn to dust
C. They turn to stone

12. What power does The Ring give Bilbo?
A. Invisibility
B. Speed
C. Strength

13. Who lives in Rivendell?
A. The Dwarves
B. The Hobbits
C. The Elves

14. What is the name of Bilbo’s hillside home?
A. Clearwater Bend
B. Crookhollow Bend
C. Bag End

15. What does Bilbo find upon returning home?
A. His home being auctioned off
B. His house full of dwarves
C. His nephew Frodo tending his garden

16. When Smaug boasts of his attributes, he likens the flapping of his wings to a hurricane. But what does he call his breath?
A. Fire
B. Death
C. Acid

17. Bilbo spots a flaw in which of Smaug’s body parts?
A. His tail
B. His left breast
C. His right eye

18. How do the dwarves know which hobbit hole Bilbo lives in when they start their journey?
A. There is a sign outside Bilbo’s house
B. There is a trail of popcorn leading to
Bilbo’s doorstep
C. There is a carved marking on Bilbo’s front door

19. How does Bilbo try to obtain freedom from Gollum?
A. He challenges Gollum to a riddle-answering contest
B. He challenges Gollum to a canoe race
C. He challenges Gollum to a sword fight

20. Which finger does Bilbo put The Ring on?
A. His thumb
B. His ring finger
C. His index finger


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