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20 Questions! Beer

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LKF’s two-day Beer and Music Fest is just around the corner. So, to get into the spirit, try this month’s quiz.

1. How many lions are there on the Tsingtao label?
A. Eight
B. Four
C. Two

2. What is the most common cereal grain used to make beer?
A. Wheat
B. Barley
C. Buckwheat

3. Which lager is famous for the slogan “probably the best lager in the world”?
A. Carlsberg
B. Budweiser Budvar
C. Brooklyn Lager

4. When was beer invented?
A. 4,000 BC
B. 2,000 BC
C. 1618

5. Which country is Heineken from?
A. The Netherlands
B. Germany
C. Sweden

6. When is International Beer Day?
A. June 6
B. August 5
C. December 12

7. Which nationality drinks the most beer?
A. Croatians
B. Chinese
C. Americans

8. Where is the world’s oldest brewery located (since 1040)?
A. California
B. Dublin
C. Bavaria

9. Which craft beer is Hong Kong’s Black Kite Brewery known for?
A. Glider Golden Ale
B. Lamma Island Pale Ale
C. Dogfish Head 90 Minute IPA

10. What are the four main ingredients in most types of beer?
A. Hops, yeast, rye and barley
B. Molasses, yeast, malt and water
C. Yeast, hops, malt and water

11. The first beer bottle was sold in which year?
A. 1800
B. 1850
C. 1900

12. What colour is Guinness?
A. Black
B. Brown
C. Yellow

13. What is the best way to remove the foam layer on top of a beer glass?
A. Sprinkle salt on it
B. Shake the glass
C. Stick your fingers into it

14. What do labeorphilists collect?
A. Beer bottles
B. Books about beer
C. Beer bottle openers

15. Beer cans were first introduced in which year?
A. 1950
B. 1925
C. 1900

16. What is beer’s average ABV (alcohol by volume)?
A. 2% to 4%
B. 4% to 6%
C. 6% to 8%

17. What type of dog is on the label of Red Dog beer?
A. Alsatian
B. Bulldog
C. Spaniel

18. What type of beer is Stella Artois?
A. Witbier
B. Pilsner
C. Stout

19. Which country is Tiger Beer from?
A. Malaysia
B. Singapore
C. Thailand

20. Beer contains ample amounts of which vitamin?
A. Vitamin A
B. Vitamin B
C. Vitamin C


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