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Thank You Aunties!

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May is traditionally Helper Appreciation Month in DB, a time to celebrate the women (and men) who take such good care of us, our kids and our homes. This year as a way to express gratitude, we’ve put together a selection of photos and messages sent in by readers.


“It’s amazing how time flies. What started with one baby girl soon turned into one girl and three boys! And this year our last baby will leave for uni. Lydia, you have been with us through it all, helping to raise Niamh, Tiarnan, Ruaidhri and Odhran like they were your own. We are so happy that you have been part of our family for 23 years now,” – Dana Winograd.


“Noel has been a part of our family for 16 years. He took incredibly loving care of my husband for nine years and he is now everything to me. He won the hearts of every member of my family from the very beginning and is, in every conceivable sense, a true part of our family. I consider him my third son,” Rani Gidwani.


“Auntie Sheila takes care of our family so she can support her own children back home. We hugely appreciate the sacrifice she makes and we are so glad that she is a part of our family,” -Xing Ni Liu.


“Our helper Marecelle has been with us for three years now. She means a great deal to our family. The way my dogs cuddle with her says a lot about how caring she is. She is family and we are grateful every day,” Anna M Partridge.


“Auntie Len’s big, beautiful smile has brought so much warmth to our home. We truly appreciate the way she has taught our daughter Eva to smile, laugh and be adventurous. Her good nature, kindness and wonderful sense of humour have been a light to all of us this year. Len, we have been so lucky to have met you!” Milan, Jo and Eva.


“Our helper Nida was an amazing carer for our daughter Shakira (now 20) and she still visits us often. So many happy memories especially when we played Scrabble together! Great fun! Nida never comes empty handed on her visits; she brings us oranges and chocolates. May God bless her!” David Burton.


“Our Tita Glory is amazing. She is a treasured and very well-loved member of our family. She looks after all of us and does everything with love and a smile. We can’t think of our home without her. Thank you Tita Glory, we love you very much!” Arabella, Penny, Ricky and Ann.

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“Thank you Mia for everything you do for us and for your love and patience,” Eimear McCartan.


“Marilyn is our fairy godmother who, by the wave of her magic wand, brings instant order to chaos. She was auntie to our sons, now in their forties, since they were 11 and nine years old; she’s now grand auntie to our three grandsons. She spoils us every day, in every way. We all love and care for her very much; she is a member of our family,” Fatima Jowharsha.

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