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Mid-Autumn Festival Quiz

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In the lead-up to Mid-Autumn Festival, test your knowledge of lantern parades, mooncakes and more.

1. On what date does Mid-Autumn Festival fall?
A. The fifth day of the fifth lunar month
B. The sixteenth day of the sixth lunar month
C. The fifteenth day of the eighth lunar month

2. On which day is Mid-Autumn Festival 2022 according to the solar calendar?
A. September 3
B. September 9
C. September 10

3. For how long has Mid-Autumn Festival been a holiday?
A. Since the Tang dynasty
B. Since the Ming dynasty
C. Since 1841

4. Traditionally, it was a time to give thanks for what?
A. A good harvest
B. Rain
C. The coming of winter

5. Why are Fire Dragon Dances an important part of the festival?
A. To honour Vulcan, the God of Fire
B. To drive away illness and bad luck
C. To honour Fuxi, the Dragon God

6. Where is HK’s biggest Fire Dragon Dance traditionally held?
A. Pak Ngan Heung, Mui Wo
B. Tai Hang, Causeway Bay
C. Pak Sha O, Sai Kung

7. In what others ways do we celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival?
A. We clean our ancestor’s graves
B. We light paper lanterns and join lantern parades
C. We wear red and gold

8. Where is DB Lantern Festival traditionally held?
A. Tai Pak Wan
B. DB Lookout
C. DB Rockpools


9. Where is HK’s biggest lantern parade traditionally held?
A. Tai Po Waterfront Park
B. Choi Sai Woo Park
C. Victoria Park

10. What is another name for Mid-Autumn Festival?
A. Moon Festival
B. Harvest Festival
C. Double Seven Festival

11. Who is the Moon Goddess Chang’e married to?
A. Hou Yi, the Divine Archer
B. Yudi, the God of Heaven
C. Yanwang, the ruler of the underworld

12. How did Chang’e fly to the moon?
A. On a broomstick
B. She drank the elixir of life
C. In a golden chariot

13. Who lives with her?
A. Chang’e-5
B. The Jade Rabbit
C. A Fire Dragon

14. When does Chang’e get to see her husband?
A. During a lunar eclipse
B. Every day
C. At full moon

15. Why do we light paper lanterns at Mid-Autumn Festival?
A. Because fireworks are banned in HK
B. So Chang’e can see us from the sky
C. So Hou Yi can fire arrows at us

16. What were mooncakes originally used as?
A. Sacrificial offerings to Chang’e
B. Gifts for friends and family
C. A place to store coded messages


17. What do the eggs in a mooncake represent?
A. The full moon
B. Fertility
C. Rebirth

18. Which vegetable do we eat at Mid-Autumn Festival?
A. Pak choi
B. Bamboo shoot
C. Pumpkin

19. What type of shellfish do we eat?
A. Oyster
B. Hairy crab
C. Lobster

20. What do we drink?
A. Osmanthus-flavoured wine
B. Apricot wine
C. Vodka

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