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HK Movie Quiz

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In the lead-up to the HK International Film Festival, test your knowledge of homegrown movies and actors.

1. When is the 2022 HK International Film Festival (HKIFF) taking place?
A. August 15-21
B. August 22-29
C. September 5-11

2. Which HK star is returning as the festival’s ambassador?
A. Keung To
B. Valerie Chow
C. Aaron Kwok

3. How many times has Ann Hui been nominated Best Director at the HKIFF?
A. Six times
B. Eight times
C. Never

4. Who holds the record for most Best Actress wins at HKIFF?
A. Anita Mui
B. Maggie Cheung
C. Sandra Ng


5. Who holds the record for most Best Actor wins at HKIFF?
A. Tony Chiu
B. Andy Lau
C. Donnie Yen

6. Who is considered the Steven Spielberg of HK?
A. Tsui Hark
B. Fruit Chan
C. Kiwi Chow

7. Which American director is a fan of Johnnie To’s crime movies?
A. Martin Scorsese
B. Quentin Tarantino
C. Zack Snyder

8. Ang Lee’s espionage thriller Lust, Caution is set where?
A. Beijing, 1912
B. Shanghai, 1943
C. Singapore, 2005

9. Who stars in Wong Kar-wai’s In the Mood for Love?
A. Chow Yun-fat and Michelle Yeoh
B. Sandra Ng and Jackie Chan
C. Tony Chiu and Maggie Cheung

10. In which US movie does Chow Yun-fat play a pirate?
A. Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End
B. Pan
C. Captain Phillips

11. Zero to Hero is based on the story of which medal-winning Paralympic athlete?
A. Trischa Zorn
B. So Wa Wai
C. Mayumi Narita

12. Which Philip Yung movie remains unreleased?
A. Port of Call
B. Where The Wind Blows
C. May We Chat


13. In which action movie did Stephen Chow make his debut?
A. Final Justice
B. All for the Winner
C. Fight Back to School

14. When was Fruit Chan’s Made in HK released?
A. July, 1997
B. October, 1997
C. January, 2000

15. Nancy Kwan plays opposite which US actor in The World of Suzy Wong?
A. William Holden
B. Alec Guiness
C. Robert Duvall

16. What does Suzy Wong do for a living?
A. Bar girl
B. Bank clerk
C. Teacher

17. Everything Everywhere All At Once was originally written for which actor?
A. Michelle Yeoh
B. Gong Li
C. Jackie Chan

18. What was Bruce Lee’s first major film as a leading star?
A. The Big Boss
B. Enter the Dragon
C. The Orphan


19. In which movie does Donnie Yen fight Jet Li?
A. Blade 11
B. Once Upon a Time in China 11
C. Ip Man

20. Which protest movie won best documentary at the Golden Horse Awards in 2021?
A. Revolution of Our Times
B. Beyond the Dream
C. A Complicated Story

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