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55! TUEN NG quiz

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We’re celebrating Tuen Ng Festival on June 3 this year. Find out how much you know about the holiday and its origins.


1. When is Tuen Ng Festival held?
A. On the Summer Solstice
B. On the Double Fifth
C. On Grave Sweeping Day

2. It is a public holiday in which countries?
A. Hong Kong, Macau and China
B. Hong Kong and China
C. Hong Kong, Macau, China and Taiwan

3. What does the tragic story behind the festival involve?
A. A shipwreck
B. Suicide by drowning
C. A monster attack

4. Which food do we traditionally eat at Tuen Ng?
A. Char Siu
B. Chow Mein
C. Zongzi

5. We fill our homes with which plant?
A. Rosemary
B. Mugwort
C. Jasmine

6. Which type of wine do we drink at Tuen Ng?
A. Rice wine
B. Realgar wine
C. Fruit wine

7. What do we wear around our necks?
A. Perfume pouches
B. Red scarfs
C. Tourmaline

8. What should we collect at Tuen Ng?
A. Chinese medicinal herbs
B. Lucky red packets
C. Beer mats


9. How can we invite good luck at Tuen Ng?
A. Party on a junk
B. Swim in the sea
C. Eat fish

10. What shouldn’t we do before Tuen Ng?
A. Sleep outdoors
B. Enter a Mark 6 draw
C. Put away our winter clothes

11. What happens 100 days after Tuen Ng?
A. The northerly winds come again
B. Autumn turns the leaves to gold
C. The sun rises in the west

12. At Tuen Ng, we do things associated with which number?
A. 5
B. 8
C. 11


13. Which goddess do we honour at Tuen Ng?
A. Guanyin
B. Chang’e
C. Tin Hau

14. Tuen Ng is associated with which mythological creature?
A. Unicorn
B. Dragon
C. Pheonix

15. Why do we race dragon boats at Tuen Ng?
A. To commemorate Qu Yuan
B. To commemorate Du Fu
C. To commemorate Confucius

16. In which year did dragon boating emerge as an international sport in Hong Kong?
A. 1976
B. 1982
C. 1997

17. When will dragon boats be raced in DB this year?

A. June 3
B. August 8
C. October 9

18. Where are the DB dragon boat races held?
A. Nim Shue Wan
B. Tai Long Wan
C. Tai Pak Wan

19. Dragon boaters across Hong Kong now ‘paddle without plastic,’ which local club kickstarted this initiative?
A. LBC Pirates
B. Green Dragons HK
C. Plastic Free Seas

20. In which Lantau village are deity statues put on sampans and towed by dragon boat?

A. Tong Fuk
B. Tai O
C. Mui Wo

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