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Chinese New Year Quiz

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This year, we celebrate CNY from January 21 to 25. How much do you know about Hong Kong’s favourite holiday?

1. What is CNY also known as?
A. Chinese Lunar New Year
B. Dongzhi Festival
C. Birthday of Che Kung

2. Why does its date vary from year to year?
A. It’s based on the Gregorian calendar
B. It’s based on the lunar calendar
C. It’s up to the National People’s Congress

3. Which season is CNY associated with?
A. Winter
B. Spring
C. Summer

4. In the Chinese zodiac, what does each year have as its symbol?
A. An animal
B. A plant
C. A Taoist deity

5. CNY 2023 is the year of the what?
A. Tiger
B. Rabbit
C. Dog

6. Which of the following is not a Chinese zodiac animal?
A. Horse
B. Dragon
C. Phoenix

7. What do we wear at CNY?
A. Gold and white
B. Red and white

C. Red and gold

8. What is lai see?
A. A wish for good luck
B. A bribe
C. A bonus

9. Who should not give lai see?
A. Pregnant women
B. Children
C. Employers

10. Why are lion dances performed?
A. To bring prosperity and banish evil
B. To honour our ancestors
C. To showcase the dancers’ talent

11. What do we do on Chinese Lunar New Year’s Eve?
A. Go out with friends
B. Get together with family
C. Stay home in small groups

12. Which game do we play at CNY?
A. Solitaire
B. Mahjong
C. Poker

13. Why do we eat steamed fish?
A. It symbolises surplus and wealth
B. It symbolises family unity
C. It symbolises career success

14. Why do we set out candy trays?
A. For children’s enjoyment
B. To help guests gain weight
C. To get CNY off to a sweet start

15. What do we do to free ourselves of bad luck before CNY?
A. Clean the house
B. Donate to charity
C. Wash in salt water

16. What must we avoid doing over CNY?
A. Using scissors and knives
B. Working, cooking and cleaning
C. All of the above

17. Why do we visit Lam Tsuen at CNY?
A. To swim in the river
B. To visit the Tin Hau Temple
C. To make wishes at the Wishing Tree

18. Why do we buy live potted plants?
A. They symbolise growth and fresh starts
B. They symbolise fertility
C. They improve air quality

19. What are orchids associated with?
A. Romantic love
B. Refinement and luxury
C. Wealth

20. What takes place on the fifteenth day of CNY?
A. Lantern Festival
B. Double Seven Festival
C. Ching Ming Festival

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