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July 29! Anime Quiz

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Getting ready for cosplay at this month’s Ani Com & Games in Wanchai? Find out how much you really know about anime.

1. When was the Ani-Com & Games first held in HK?
A. 1991
B. 1999
C. 2002

2. How much does the winner of this year’s Cosplay Contest win?
A. HK$1,000
B. HK$3,000
C. HK$5,000

3. What is anime?
A. A style of Japanese film and television animation
B. A style of Japanese comic book and graphic novel
C. A style of Japanese martial art

4. Which year did Astro Boy, one of the first ever anime TV series, premier in Japan?
A. 1963
B. 1973
C. 1983

5. Which anime holds the world record for the longest-running animated TV series?
A. One Piece
B. Sazae-san
C. Doraemon

6. Sophie is a character from which anime?
A. Go! Princess Precure
B. Snow White With The Red Hair
C. Howl’s Moving Castle

7. Which is the only anime to win an Oscar?
A. Spirited Away
B. The Tale Of Princess Kaguya
C. Mirai

8. What is the eponymous hero of Naruto?
A. A samurai
B. A ninja
C. A knight

9. Which anime was James Cameron’s Alita: Battle Angel based on?
A. Gundam
B. Gunnm
C. Gintama

10. In the Seven Deadly Sins, which of the following is a sin?
A. Diane
B. Dave
C. Wolf


11. Which anime did Pizza Hut sponsor to get featured in the show?
A. Code Vein
B. Code Breaker
C. Code Geass

12. What is Kaneda in Akira?
A. The leader of a motorcycle gang
B. A race car driver
C. A bicycle courier

13. Which of these animes did Hayao Miyazaki direct?
A. Voices of a Distant Star
B. Ponyo
C. Alice SOS

14. Who does Ms Sweets mediate between in Humanity Has Declined?
A. Fairies and humans
B. Aliens and humans
C. Vaxxers and anti-vaxxers

15. In which anime are superpowers called ‘quirks’?
A. My Hero Academia
B. Sailor Moon
C. Dr Stone

16. What sport is played in Eyeshield 21?
A. Ice hockey
B. American Football
C. Quidditch


17. Who is Kiki’s best friend in Kiki’s Delivery Service?
A. A Pokémon named Pikachu
B. Jiji, a talking cat
C. A True Dragon named Veldora Tempest

18. What can the magical dragon balls do in Dragon Ball Z?
A. Transform into spacecraft
B. Transform into robots
C. Grant wishes

19. Where is the girl found in The Tale of Princess Kaguya?
A. Growing out of a flower
B. Inside a bamboo stalk
C. On a toy truck

20. In One Punch Man, what does Saitama seek?
A. A worthy adversary
B. A wife
C. A crystal

21. Who is at war in Princess Monake?
A. The forest gods and a mining colony
B. Angels and demons
C. Ents and Orks

22. In Assassination Classroom what does Koro-sensei try to teach his students?

A. How to kill him
B. Algebra
C. Okinawan karate

23. In My Neighbour Totoro what doesn’t happen to the sisters?
A. They meet Dakota and Elle Fanning
B. They meet woodland spirits
C. They take a ride on a cat bus

24. Where is Grave of the Fireflies set?
A. Neo-Tokyo, 2338
B. Kobe, 1945
C. Osaka, 2022

25. What are the names of the bounty hunters in Cowboy Bebop?
A. Onyx, Jet and Amber
B. Spike, Lee and Faye
C. Spike, Jet and Faye

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