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It’s World Laughter Day on May 7 – get inspired by this humorous challenge

1. Where does World Laughter Day originate?
A. Helsinki, Finland
B. Mumbai, India
C. Barcelona, Spain

2. Why is laughter the best medicine?
A. It relieves stress and lowers blood pressure
B. It boosts the immune system and releases endorphins
C. Both A and B

3. What is laughter yoga also known as?
A. Hatha Yoga
B. Ashtanga Yoga
C. Hasya Yoga

4. Which movie popularised the use of humour as a way to cure illness?
A. Flatliners
B. Patch Adams
C. Groundhog Day

5. When do babies first start to laugh?
A. Soon after their first smile
B. At around two months of age
C. Both A and B

6. What is belly laughter?
A. A rumbling tummy
B. A deep, hearty guffaw
C. A quiet chuckle

7. Which of the Monty Python films is John Cleese’s favourite?
A. The Life of Brian
B. The Meaning of Life
C. All five

8.Which comic actor landed a plane by himself after the pilot fainted?
A. Rowan Atkinson
B. Vince Vaughn
C. Russell Brand

9. How does laughing gas make you feel?
A. Lightheaded and tingly
B. Less inhibited
C. Both A and B

10. What is Hong Kong comedian Ben Quinlan’s day job?
A. Lawyer
B. Doctor
C. Investment banker

11.Which president started out playing one in a satirical TV show?
A. Emmanuel Macron, President of France
B. Volodymyr Zelensky, President of Ukraine
C. Xiomara Castro, President of Honduras

12. Which animal species is not known for laughter-like vocalisation?
A. Cat
B. Hyena
C. Kookaburra

13. Which neurological disease is commonly known as laughing sickness?
A. Guillain-Barré syndrome
B. Agnosia
C. Kuru

14. Where does the Laughing Cow cheese brand originate?
A. Switzerland
B. France
C. Italy

15. Which philosopher recommends we laugh at ourselves?
A. Immanuel Kant
B. René Descartes
C. Friedrich Nietzsche

16. Which of these Hongkongers is a comedian?
A. Jeffrey Andrews
B. Chip Tsao
C. Vivek Mahbubani

17. What is the study of laughter called?
A. Gelotology
B. Genealogy
C. Rictusology

18. If you laugh for 15 minutes a day, how many calories can you burn?
A. Up to 25
B. Up to 40
C. More than 50

19. In which country do people use 555 instead of ‘haha’ when texting?
A. Malaysia
B. Thailand
C. Vietnam

20. Which character from The Simpsons is known for his blunt, two-syllable laugh?
A. Nelson Muntz
B. Kent Brockman
C. Krusty the Clown

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