Type of housing

The New Town of Tung Chung is located in the northern area of Lantau Island. Means of transport to the town include the MTR, ferry and by bus. A variety of different housing properties can be found such as, high-rise apartments, low-rise apartments, garden houses and village houses. It is the most populous district on the island of Lantau.



High-rise Apartments:


The majority of housing in Tung Chung are apartments in high-rise buildings. There are a total of five phases of developments, not including Government housing. These vary from 2 to 6 bedrooms apartments. Most developments range from 50 to 70 floors per block and each have their own clubhouse for residential use.


Mid-rise Apartments:


Mid-rise buildings in Tung Chung are less common and less condensed compared to high rises. Most flats also vary from 2 to 4 bedrooms with balconies/terraces included in the majority. The only mid-rise complex in the area is Le Bleu Deux.


Garden Houses/Villa:


Garden Houses in Tung Chung are usually at a close proximity to the ocean, providing a nice sea-view. They are not developments of their own, but are separate phases of the high-rise buildings. For example, Le Bleu to Coastal Skyline and La Mer to Caribbean Coast. Some on the ground floor have their own small garden, and those on the top floor often have the roof for private use.


Village Houses:


The outskirts of the new town of Tung Chung are quite abundant in village houses. The typical village house is a triplex, with each floor rented out by a different tenant. However there are a few exceptions, in which the entire house is joined by stairs and occupied by one tenant. A great number of Tung Chung villages such as, Pa Mei and Ha Ling Pei are located on the route to South Lantau.


Government Housing:


The three main Government housing developments are Yu Tung Court, Fu Tung Estate and Yat Tung Estate. These are high-rise public housing properties that are subsidized by the Government for lower-income residents. They are all convenient to reach, either at a walking distance or a bus ride away from the town centre. The number of blocks and units vary in each estate, with the least being 3 blocks in Fu Tung, and the most being 13 blocks in Yat Tung. In total there are almost 10,000 flats.