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Tung Chung Crescent: Package 1

Tung Chung Crescent was the very first residential estate developed in the area and is part of the MTR Tung Chung Station Development Package One. Located in the middle of the town centre, it is the most convenient location possible from the MTR and Citygate Outlets Shopping Mall. There are 8 towers that consist of a total number of 2158 apartments. The average flat size is around 829 square feet (77 square metres).

Seaview Crescent: Package 1

Also part of the MTR’s first Development Package, Seaview Crescent has a total of 4 towers and 1536 flats. The property is located at a 10-minute walk from the MTR and a five-minute walk from Citygate Outlets. The average flat size is approximately 764 square feet (71 square metres). Below the residential buildings are also a few shops and restaurants such 7-11, Mannings, Resto and Zentro.

Coastal Skyline: Package 2

Coastal Skyline is an estate that consists of 7 high-rise towers (Coastal Skyline, Block 1-5 and La Rossa, Block A and B), 41 garden houses (Le Bleu) and 6 mid-rise towers (Le Bleu Deux). The total number of units is 3,370 and the average flat size is 807 square feet (75 square metres). Like Seaview Crescent, it is 10-minutes away from the MTR and mere five-minutes from the shopping mall. A two-minute walk away, there is a Wellcome Supermarket which makes grocery shopping much more convenient.

Caribbean Coast: Package 3

The latest residential development built, Caribbean Coast consists of three phases. There are 13 high-rise towers and 56 garden houses (La Mer). Construction was completed in 2004. As it is the furthest estate away from the Town Centre, there is a shuttle bus to and from the MTR station specifically for residents. The time intervals for buses are usually very short, only being between 5 to 10 minutes.