Types of Housing


There are no high-rise buildings in South Lantau. The main types of housing are village houses and villas.


Village Houses


Village houses are typically 700sq.ft per storey, three storeys per house. All three floors usually have balconies and tend to be rectangular in shape, with a similar look to a typical Spanish style villa. Most are located in rural areas of Hong Kong.

Village houses are the result of a Hong Kong policy giving free land to male descendants of people who were villagers in the New Territories when the UK leased the land from China. The government restricted the type of house which could be built; hence they all look so similar.




Villas are a popular option in South Lantau. Often located by the sea, they tend to be spacious and some even come with their own facilities such as tennis courts, swimming pool and children’s play area.

Located in Cheung Sha village, Acacia Villas offer a variety of villas for comfortable living:

Bahama Gardens, Beach View, Long Breeze, Long Green, Silver Shore Villas, Cheung Fu Villas, Leyburn Villas, Swiss Garden, Butterfly Crest, Cheung Sha Villas, Miami Garden, Golden Coast,


Mui Wo Buildings


Sea Crest Terrace, Silver Centre building, Sea View Building, Gallop Court, Harbor View Mansion, Lucky Court, Mui Wo Building, Mui Wo Centre, Regent Villa, Scenic Crest, Silver Pearl Mansion, Silver Wave Court, Silver View Centre, Grandview Mansion

(Photos courtesy of Home Solutions Real Estate)