South Lantau Villages

South Lantau is made up of several villages; most relatively small in size, and many based along the coast. The largest of South Lantau's villages is Mui Wo.

Mui Wo

A rural town in the east of Lantau often referred to as Silver Mine due to its two abandoned silver mines. Silvermine waterfall and temple are some of the main attractions. Silver Mine Bay Beach is also located just a short 5 minute walk away from the Mui Wo ferry pier, this grade 1 beach is perfect for kids and adults alike, with lifeguards on duty if you wish to go swimming, and a large area for games on the beach. Mui Wo is the main shopping area for South Lantau. Many popular hikes start in Mui Wo.

Pui O

Pui O consists of four villages - Pui O Lo Wai, Pui O San Wai Tsuen, Lo Uk Tsuen and Ham Tin Village. The Lo Wai was built in early Qing Dynasty and villagers decided to construct walls and gates after pirates ransacked the area. It was said villagers lived peacefully after the Lo Wai completed. Many village houses are rented out for leisure. Pui O is a popular destination for holiday camping, and is home to a beautiful beach running along the entire shoreline of Pui O.

Ham Tin

A small village located in southern part of Lan Tau island, near Pui O. The village divided into an older part (Ham Tin Kau Tsuen) and a bigger and newer part (Ham Tin San Tsuen).The area is also home to, what is considered by many, as one of Hong Kong’s most beautiful beaches.

Tong Fuk

Tong Fuk is a popular village for holidays, with many private holiday flats for rent and a barbecue restaurant and village shops. Tong Fuk beach is also popular with local tourists.

Shui Hau

Shui Hau, literally meaning an opening to the sea world, is a small Chinese village with few expatriates and many wild cows. It has been termed as clam diggers’ heaven. There you will find shops that specialize in renting out the necessary gear for your clamming adventure when the tide retreats.

San Shek Wan

A small village of around 50 people; half of which are ex-pats. Only those who have been living in the village for three years of more are allowed to vote for village representatives. 

Tai Long Wan

Tai Long Wan literally translates as ‘Big Wave Bay’, and it has four spectacular beaches, each gazing upon the Pacific Ocean to the east. White sands and emerald waters are tempting diversions here for hikers in need of a refreshing dip. The area is also extremely popular amongst surfers.

Cheung Sha

Located in the South Coast of Lantau, Cheung Sha, which literally means “long beach”, is popular for having the longest beach in Hong Kong, stretching 3km, separated into Cheung Sha upper and lower. The beaches are especially popular amongst water sport lovers, with activities such as windsurfing, sailing, kayaking, skim boarding and wakeboarding readily available.