Living on a boat

Discovery Bay is conducive to on-board living. At the DB Marina, the number of boat dwellers has risen steadily over the past decade. Life on a boat can be the ultimate lifestyle choice, be it on a traditional wooden junk, a masted sailboat, a catamaran or modern motorized yacht. But regardless of the type, one thing is clear, you will get more space on a boat than any other traditional types of housing and none of the mod-cons of structured, domestic living need to be sacrificed. 

Some estate agents will argue that it’s always the right time to buy a liveaboard. If you compare it with what you can get for your money in the traditional property market in DB, then a liveaboard is a great solution for your needs and budget.

In 1996, a 60-foot boat (along with the berth and the debenture) sold at HKD1.76 million. In today’s market, you can pay anything between HKD5.5 million and HKD6.5 million for a 60 foot. If you buy a 60-foot junk, you will enjoy 1,500 square feet of living space, plus sought-after outdoor space! You can also enjoy the benefits of being part of the Marina Club: pool area, tennis courts, children’ s rooms, restaurants, etc.

The lifestyle is becoming more and more popular and prices are steadily going up.

There are mainly two real-estate agents that sell boats in DB: 


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