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Young Writers Competition: The finalists’ stories

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In this year’s Young Writers Competition, local secondary school students crafted their own short spooky ghost stories. The mentors, Peter Sherwood, Trisha Hughes and John Saeki selected their top three entries and have spent the last couple of weeks with their authors working on the pieces.

The pieces have now been published on our website, and on Facebook! Click on the links below for the full stories: don’t forget to vote by ‘liking’ the stories’ posts on our Facebook page. Remember, one ‘like’ is one vote, and to please only ‘like’ one post.
If you had voted on the poll posted on this page over the weekend, please go and vote on the contestants Facebook posts.
Hermione Barnes-Clay- Fifty-eight
“…A light layer of snow lay on the trees and she leaned on the sill lost in her thoughts, but she was interrupted by a voice calling out. It was a girl’s voice and Isabel looked about but couldn’t see anyone…”
Millie Zoë Tarrant- The Night My Brother Returned
“It was more than ridiculous. I just didn’t know how much more I could take of it. I mean, who would be okay with stupid little mean girls constantly checking to make sure that your life was as miserable as possible.”
Renee Tan- Watching
“I watch. I always love to watch the children play outside. Running around free in the tall green grass, flying high in the swings. I scan the crowd for the girl with the shiny pink shoes. She’s my favourite to watch, her smile bright and her soul sparked with joy.”

6 thoughts on - Young Writers Competition: The finalists’ stories

  • Angelina Penafiel Reply

    Renee Tan

  • Chris Anderson Reply

    Brilliant writing

  • Heather Reply

    she is very good

  • Queenie Lee Reply

    I love Milly’s piece, just the title along already got my attention. Her words had well capture the emotions that what the new world is like … “bully!” A silent but so powerful! A thing that non of us should be ignored!

  • Booveneswaran Reply

    Renee tan

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