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World mourns in the aftermath of Brussels blasts

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At least 30 people were killed with many more injured after two explosions took place at Brussels Airport, and another at a metro subway station on Tuesday morning, March 22.

Authorities are currently searching for a third of three identified men tied to the airport blasts. The three suspects were recorded by CCTV before the incident, two of which believed to have been killed carrying out suicide bombings. An undetonated third bomb was found in the vicinity.

Many believe that the explosions may have been connected with the same terrorist network involved in the November 2015 Paris attacks. Islamic State has claimed responsibility for carrying out the Brussels bombings.

Online, people all over the world have expressed shock and grief, and shown solidarity with Belgium. Hashtags such as #JeSuisBuxelles and #PrayForBelgium have been circulating on Facebook and Twitter. Several major landmarks and edifices, including the Eiffel Tower, have been lit with the Belgian flag’s colours, the evening following the attack.

A drawing by French cartoonist Plantu for French newspaper Le Monde has been shared thousands of times on the web. The cartoon alludes to both Brussels and Paris attacks.

The incident has also called greater attention to other terrorist actions in recent weeks, including a car bomb explosion in Ankara, capital of Turkey, on March 13th. At least 37 people were killed, and more than 100 injured in the blast.

The Hong Kong Government issued an Amber Outbound Travel Alert for Belgium, according to Hong Kong’s Information Services Department. Residents planning to visit or who are already in the country are urged to exercise caution, attend to their personal safety and avoid travelling to places with protests and large gatherings.

The Security Bureau is currently monitoring the situation. Those in need of assistance can call the Immigration Department at (852) 1868, or the Chinese Embassy in Belgium (Consular protection hotline) at (32) 476751182.


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