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Winter aftershock in Hong Kong this weekend

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The Hong Kong Observatory has issued a cold weather warning in light of a sharp temperature drop sweeping across the territory this Thursday.

Today’s weather forecast reveals temperatures ranging from 9 to 17 C, gradually descending toward the evening. Cloudy to overcast skies with rain have prevailed in varying degrees throughout the city.

The elevated region surrounding Ngong Ping experienced 7.9 degree cold around noon, outdone only by Tai Mo Shan at 4.2 degrees.

Cold weather is expected for the coming weekend, peaking on Friday, March 11 with temperatures ranging between 9 and 12 C, followed by mercury readings between 12 and 16 degrees on Saturday.

Temperatures will rise slightly on Sunday, ranging from 15 to 18 degrees. It is also the first of four cloudy to overcast days with rain patches. Hong Kong will then experience at least three days of foggy weather beginning Thursday, March 17, as indicated in the Observatory’s 9-day forecast.

Last month, Taiwan-based Weather On Ground released reports about a mass of cold air accumulating in regions of western Mongolia, southern Siberia and northern Xinjiang. The Observatory said it was at the time too early to give an accurate prediction.

February 2016 was generally colder than usual, with a mean temperature of 15.5 degrees, as compared to a normal figure of 16.8 C.

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